Odds and Ends

This is going to be one of those catch-all posts for all the little things that don’t really warrant full posts for themselves but deserve more than just a tweet. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE TWEETER! In fact, look what happened to me there this week:


OMG OMG SWOON SWOON SWOON! Ming Tsai is so freaking yummy, I could just smear him on a piece of toast. No offense to Martin Yan, but Ming is by far my favorite Asian chef on PBS. He even made a guest appearance on Arthur once. He is pretty much a perfect man, and I would like to welcome him to the elite club of PBS personalities who have been worn down by my constant tweety stalkage and finally threw me a bone. Love you, Ming! ;D

I guess that Ming Tsai tweeting at me was item Number One, so let’s move on to Number Two on our list of miscellany. I have updated my blogroll! I am always a little conflicted about blogrolls because whenever I see one with more than ten blogs on it, I think to myself, “Hey blogger, learn to edit yourself down already!” But then of course when it comes to managing my own, I cannot keep the number under thirty. There are a lot of awesome people blogging out there and I gotta give ’em props.

A quick note to the Facebook pals: I have prettified the page and added a couple more blogs that my regularly-occurring brain farts made me forget before I shared the link on Facebook yesterday, so drop by again (pwease?) to see what you missed.

That brings us to Number Three. This week, The Daily Post has unveiled a new page that includes listings to blogging events all around WordPress. Looking for some events to challenge yourself with meet new bloggers through? Well there you go!


rtt cap

Kelly and I would love nothing more than for you to drop by our blog party each week! I mean, we are fine to drink all the Bartles and James and get our fingers covered in Cheetos grit by ourselves, but it would be awesome if you were there too. This week’s prompt is carpooling, and if it inspires you, write your own post and then check out my or Kelly’s posts from yesterday to link up with us. Each week’s linkup closes at midnight Sunday.

And last but not least, a sorta-kinda real (albeit totally random) bloggish thought. As you might have collected from some of my recent posts, I am not exactly having the best time right now. Sit down if you aren’t already because I have some really shocking information to impart to you: parenting is hard sometimes. It is exhausting and trying for even the most patient of souls. (And just to be clear, I’m not included in that patient group.) Toddlers don’t make it any easier on you. I am nearing the end of my rope saying “stop” 400 million times when Cee tries to put a goose turd in her mouth and picking up messes all day long.

And yes, I know it will get harder, but those transition periods are especially rough. We’re in a transition right now.

Over the past couple weeks, one image I remember from John and Kate Plus Eight keeps popping into my mind. I used to watch it fairly regularly, and B would tell me not to get invested in it because he knew it was going to end like a big, fiery trainwreck, and I would feel horrible for all those kids. Anyway, in the scene I remember very vividly, the six younger kids were about two and Kate had them all in the garage at a little table doing a messy art project, and she completely freaked out over the chaos and mess they were creating. She had to walk away for just a second and just vent.

No matter how I feel about Kate Gosselin now, I completely empathize with her meltdown at that moment. One toddler is hard enough, but six? I’d have a hair identity crisis too.

So this weekend, if you see a parent having a hardish moment, give him or her a smile. Or pick up some of her kid’s blocks. The universe (and she) will love you for it.


  1. NotAPunkRocker · · Reply

    OMG on the Ming Tsai response! Awesome!

    I noticed y’all on the Events page yesterday, congratulations :-)

    1. Hehehe no congratulations needed ;D It’s basically Craiglist for WordPress and anyone can post their event. But I don’t think I had any typos when I submitted our listing so maybe I will take that congratulations ;D

    1. I don’t know what that means but it sounds good, so thanks ;D

  2. Yet another post that made me snarf my morning coffee – thanx for being such a reliable source of “start the day right”!

    1. My pleasure! Any comparison of me to coffee is an awesome compliment.

  3. Sorry about the whole parenting thing but random points one through three were all pretty exciting! Nothing good ever happens to me on Twitter. Or Facebook.

    1. I have just about given up on getting good news on Facebook, but I am always pleasantly surprised by the fun I have on Twitter. I think it has something to do with having no shame when it comes to bothering celebrities.

      1. Ah, that’s what I’m doing wrong! I’ll stop hoping they’ll bother me first!

  4. So, the transitions are so hard. I remember when K went from two naps to one, and I had a harder time adjusting to it than she did. You get so used to knowing what to expect and how to plan your days that it feels like you’ll never get in sync again, but eventually you do. She’s trying hard to give up all naps now and I’m freaking out, but we’ve compromised with quiet time in bed and we both still get the break we need.
    Also, I’m jealous of your tweets, and thank you for including me in your blogroll. It’s really an honor to be in the company you’ve listed.
    I’m working on a more regular post schedule, and part of that plan is do more remember the time posts. I’m happy you got yours listed on the Daily Post (I saw that yesterday and immediately thought of your blog hop).

    1. The thing that kills me about the naps is that I was so shortsighted and actually thought that they would go on forever and ever amen, or at least that she wouldn’t change up her schedule until she went to preschool or something. Maybe that was just something I tricked myself into believing? A lot of parenting is deluding myself.

      We would love to have you do a Remember the Time post or two!

      1. I did the same. I think part of the reason I was so attached to that schedule was getting her on a sleep schedule at all felt like such an accomplishment, maybe my first one as a new mom. Then they keep the two nap schedule for so long, it feels like it might go on forever.
        Parenting is deluding ourselves! Hahaha, love that line.

  5. Big congrats! Caught you on the Events page- that’s awesome! And I love the Tweet-back from Ming Tsai. A good week indeed!

    1. Ming is so awesome! There is nothing better than a celebrity who mingles with the common folk.

  6. I love that you tweet PBS people- some of them are my clients! And yes, Ming Tsai is super yummy. My favorite PBS person is (drum roll pleeeze) GWEN IFILL! I almost feel over with ‘the stupid’ when I got to meet her.

    Yes, parenting is not easy – and one day you’ll be thinking “I really freaked over THAT” when comparing it to a “this” :) but it’s all good. Now wash the leftover Cheerios out of your hair and get a Piña Colada.

    I knew I had become a ‘parent’ when I noticed everything in my backpack/bag was encased in plastic baggies…. Actually, I felt like my grandmother.

    1. I love Gwen Ifill too! Interestingly, Cee has developed a fascination with the anchor of BBC World News America. I can’t even.

      1. I could understand a fascination for Jim Lehrer, however, he has such round teddy bear eyes.

  7. “And yes, I know it will get harder,”—-I don’t think parenting necessarily gets harder so much as it gets different. The challenges of toddlerhood disappear and those of pre-teens and teens appear, and while their issues can be difficult, at least one no longer has to caution against eating goose poop! (Or fasten car seats, or encourage potty use, or cut up food…) So hang in there. Little Cee is a lucky girl to have you for her mommy!

    1. Awwww, thanks, Carrie. I will gladly trade in the goose poop warnings for reminders to do your homework on time.

      1. Train them right, and you won’t even have to remind them of that. ;) Now, if I could just do something about their grape throwing wars at dinner…

        1. You mean those continue after toddlerhood???

          1. Oh, yes indeedy. And the force gets stronger and the aim more precise. :)

  8. It’s okay to get frustrated. You’re only human. Take a moment to gather yourself and then get back to it. We all get overwhelmed.

    1. In a moment of weakness, I bought C Elmo toothpaste. THIS is my brain on overwhelmed ;D

      1. The toothpaste doesn’t make that God-forsaken noise, so that’s okay.

  9. Ha! I love that he responded to you! And that’s awesome about RTT! If only they had noticed like a month ago when I really needed a win. Haha Oh well. At least it will gain more popularity now!

    1. I really hope so! I created a page for it on my blog and it has gotten a bunch of hits since the listings went up, but time will tell if it actually pays off.

    2. Either people are busy with the beginning of school, or everyone really misses you, Ashley! We have had a pretty low turnout for RTT this week. Thanks again for helping us out with the badge!

      1. No problem. They’ll come around! How could they not? You ladies are awesome!

  10. I fucking love Ming Tsai. But, I bet if I tweeted that, I wouldn’t get a response. See? You know exactly the right thing to say. Re: toddler time. I wish I had some words of wisdom that you haven’t heard, but I’ll say this: be selfish. Make time for yourself. Even if you have to pay some little girl to come play with C. And DON’T say “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. I make time for myself.” Taking a dump while the baby naps is not having time for yourself. The most important person in your kid’s life is you. Treat yourself like you are the most important thing in her life. Ok, that’s it. My big advice. Now do what every other mother does and ignore it!

    1. Isn’t Ming just the sexiest thing? I love him and I don’t feel comfortable telling my husband that, and that should tell you something ;D

      “Taking a dump while the baby naps is not having time for yourself.” I am copying that down on a piece of paper and making it my mantra. So.Much.Truth. This is why I love you; because you say things like that.

      1. Now, see, sometimes I say things that even I can’t believe I said. Sigh. I know other bipolar people who do/say similar “truths.” Thanks for the love.

  11. I can’t wait to make my way through your whole blogroll, Emily. I started yesterday and then got completely sidetracked with life, but I promise I’ll get to it tonight and pop by to say hi to all your awesome recommendations. Also… Ginger! = *swoon*

    1. You will like them, you will. There are sooooo many awesome bloggers on WordPress, and for that reason I could never, ever switch to another blogging platform.

  12. I used to LOVE Jon and Kate Plus Eight, point well made. Good luck with these toddler years! :)

    1. I will take that luck! And isn’t it sad what became of that show? I really want to believe that everything will turn out OK for all those kids.

  13. 1) Congrats on the celebrity stalking win!!!! I fondly remember the day that Micky Dolenz accepted my friend request on Facebook…and later reposted one of my statuses about his new album. It didn’t help my groupie tendencies, but whatevs. If you ask me, I think Ming Tsai has a little thing for you. I sensed much flirtation in the way he tweeted “Ginger”

    2) I did end up eating the last of the Cheetos, but I picked up some Funyuns and Cool Ranch Doritos in case anyone else wants to stop by the Blog Hop. Thanks again for being even the slightest big aware of how to market things by getting that up on the events page.

    3) I’m giving you a smile right now…because it sounds like you need it :)

    1. 1. OMG YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH A CELEBRITY ON FACEBOOK????? That is amazing. LeVar Burton used to follow me on Twitter, but that is peanuts compared to having an actual Facebook friendship. (Mark Zuckerberg just read what I wrote and smiled.)

      2. Cool Ranch Doritos may be the best things in the history of the world. I used to always get them with my tuna salad sandwiches at Subway, likely because I didn’t want to ever be kissed.

      3. Thank you, I did. *Smiles right back* (We could ALL use a smile.)

      1. Oh my God…#2 made me snort. And don’t get too excited about #1…he is obviously not very selective. :)

      2. And, um…LeVar Burton???? Sigh. Reading Rainbow. I might have to write a blog love letter to Reading Rainbow someday.

  14. Transitional periods like whoa.
    Mine’s not about a toddler, but in the broad scheme of things, we get each other.

    1. Yes we do. We indeed get each other. I think it’s because we both love Kill Bill.

      1. Revenge is so sweet!

  15. Hats off to you and Kate! This is precisely why ladies love a new hairstyle (or pedicure, manicure, gals night out, new Wonderbra, whatEVER). It is a get-out-of-jail-free card from any bad hair day. :)

    1. That reminds me, I need a new bra! It’s totally normal to still wear nursing bras nine months after you stop breastfeeding, right?

      1. Not only that, but hang on to the maternity clothes – I just wore my fave maternity outfit the other day when I needed to “dress comfy” for an outpatient procedure that I knew I wouldn’t be able to bend comfortably afterwards (steroid injections into the hip joint are overrated, I tell you). And “baby” just turned 5 this week! Ya never know…what’s old is new.

  16. I don’t know if it’s comforting or not to find out that someone else is freaking out about parenting too. I hate the parent I am these days. I have no idea who that person is, who talks to her 4-year-old about “respect” and chases him around the house in an attempt to convince him to _____________ (fill in the blank with anything). I think that a WordPress party hosted by you is exactly what I need these days. Hugs. And SO cool about chef. (I got Jonny Bernthal from The Walking Dead to follow me after months of harassment.)

    1. It really is comforting, mostly because I feel like as moms we often look at each other and say, “Wow, she’s TOTALLY got everything under control, so what’s wrong with me?” It’s easy to fall prey to mom envy when in actuality we’ve all got our plates full and are barely keeping things together even on a good day. So this is me smiling at you. ;D

      Please drop by our party anytime! Kelly and I have an especially good one planned for next week.

  17. So what happened with John and Kate plus eight? Do we hate Kate now?

    1. Hmmm, Kate is not exactly the best person on the planet. Neither am I, I should mention, so I really shouldn’t say anything else.

      1. I googled it. I hear ya.

  18. How great on the Ming Tsai tweet-volley!

    I always thought we parents should steal that old slogan of the Marines: Parenting, the toughest job you’ll ever love. You’re right that sometimes you have to walk away and cut yourself some slack. You might want to stop letting your toddler play in the goose pen, though. Just a suggestion.


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