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Twenties Vs. Thirties

When I was in my twenties, I talked a lot about how I didn’t regret any¬†of my past mistakes. Believing that it made me neat and unique to own up to my quirky¬†foibles, I often waxed poetic about how, if given the chance to go back and do things over, I simply would not. I […]

A Hundred Amtrak Trips All Squashed Into 600 Words

2003. Novemberish. In a car parked behind a now-defunct bookstore, I tell B that he is alright and all, but I’ll be leaving Memphis next year to go to school in Chicago, leaving him behind to finish his last year at CBU without me. He tears up and bites his tongue. He doesn’t care that […]

Snapshots of Chicago

Today I miss Chicago. I miss my apartment in Rogers Park at the corner of Sheridan and Pratt. The walls in the hallways of the building were purple and one time there was a guy passed out in the hallway in front of my door. I got mad at B who left first that morning […]

Brushes With Fame

I am a giddy schoolgirl when it comes to celebrities. I don’t care what they’re famous for: I am the same blithering idiot whether it’s Snooki or Madeleine Albright. When I am in close proximity to them, I get a little stupid. So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to resist the […]

Dear Snow

When you turn on the weather report, the newscaster almost always defaults to a positive sentiment when a warm-up is coming in the dead of winter. And this weekend we can expect some much milder temperatures of nearly 60 degrees! Get out there and enjoy it because we’ll be back down in the 40s at […]