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A couple of weeks ago, we visited Kendra and her husband in Charlotte. It was the first time we had been to their new house since they moved from Salinas, California and we were impressed with their new digs. They live in a grown-up house. Their house is what you think of when you think […]

7 Ways Waiting Tables Prepared Me For Parenthood

When I was in the final stages of my pregnancy with Wee Cee, I remember thinking that I hadn’t felt so tired since I had worked a swing shift on Mother’s Day at a restaurant in Chicago. Little did I know that I would be reliving some of the best and worst moments from my […]

Have nothing else going on? That’s fine. Now’s as good a time as ever to cry.

So, lately we’ve been undergoing some growing pains. Ever since we returned from our trip, Miss C has been cranky and just generally difficult. A quick consult with Dr. Google indicated that her orneriness is likely due to a growth spurt, which often occurs around three months. She was 15 weeks yesterday and her drama […]