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Five Ways Kids Trick Us Into Being Better Humans

I’m a pretty stubborn person, so if you want to see me break out into hives and get huffy really fast, just tell me with no finesse that I’m doing something the wrong way. Much like Randy from A Christmas Story, if you want to get me to eat meatloaf, you have to crawl inside […]

Gym Types

One of the big incentives I have for going to the gym is to observe the wildlife there. I have collected some data about the people I am likely to see, and today I will present my findings. 1. Pacers You can mostly find these people around the weightlifting area. They lift about 500 pounds […]

The Weighting

See there in the title? I made a funny. This is the post about losing baby weight. And the blog is called The Waiting. Get it? I kill myself sometimes. So, yeah, having just had a baby, I gained some weight. Some. A lot. Whatever. By the end of my pregnancy with Miss C I […]