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Do you smell like a bear?

Have you ever had an idea that you know has potential but you don’t want to execute it yourself because the last time you did that, you ended up with burnt English muffins when all you wanted was a mini pizza? I was thinking about stupid wine tasting terms the other day as I looked […]

Did you know you missed me? Because you did.

So, long time no see. I kind of have the shakes right now because I have been busy the past few days and haven’t been able to write anything substantive or read as many blogs as I normally do. My mom has been in town hanging out with us, so that’s my alibi. Adorable outfits […]

Have you disappeared down the parenting rabbit hole?

Originally posted on Liquorstore Bear:
My parents think I don’t understand them (at least I think they think that). So today I’m making an effort to get into their brains. [Full disclosure: MY PARENTS ARE TOTALLY BORING. FEEL FREE TO SKIP TODAY’S POST.]  ♦  ♦  ♦ After seven years of parenting, my mum and dad aren’t doing…