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Thwarting the Straps

I assembled C’s swing when I was eight months pregnant. We put it in her nursery adjacent to the changing table, but by the time she was one week old, it had been relocated to our living room along with all the items we found to be truly necessary to life with a newborn. I […]

Ups and Downs

There is a middle school across the street from us, and each day after lunch lately I’ve been taking Cee over there to explore out back among the baseball fields, pine trees, and crumbling parking lot of this likely underfunded school. The peeling paint of the building entices Wee Cee’s toddler fingers, and while I […]

A Hundred Amtrak Trips All Squashed Into 600 Words

2003. Novemberish. In a car parked behind a now-defunct bookstore, I tell B that he is alright and all, but I’ll be leaving Memphis next year to go to school in Chicago, leaving him behind to finish his last year at CBU without me. He tears up and bites his tongue. He doesn’t care that […]

Congratulations! It’s a human!

It’s no surprise that we liken newborns to sacks of sugar and hotdogs and tacos. (No? Just me?) They are as inanimate as various foodstuffs and their toes and ears just as delicious. We hold them up and admire them, but they’re not really humans because they lack the characteristics inherent to adults and even […]

Another Korean Anecdote and a Datevitation Giveaway!

I like the things. I like the pretty things that are made by hand or bought at the store or are cheap or are expensive. Things are nice. I like to amass them and touch them and get all Gollum-y with them. But then I forget about the things. When we lived in Korea, we […]

Mothers Day is great and sad. Twosies.

Even though Sunday was my second officially-sanctioned Mothers Day as a mom, it was effectively my first one. Last year, C was only about five weeks old on Mothers Day and I had no energy or desire to celebrate. No one was sleeping, no one was eating well, no one felt like a human. I […]

Populating Life

I’m coming off a high induced by playing a rudimentary version of Hide and Seek with C. After dinner, I put in The Fox and the Hound just to see if she was interested in watching it. She wasn’t, but she was wily. She was ready to play that brand of play that possesses babies […]

Disingenuous Elmo

Disingenuous Elmo is not the opening act of the opening act of the opening act of MGMT at Coachella. It is the theme to much of my first year of parenthood. One of the real neat things I do when I get thrown into a situation in which I have no idea what I’m doing […]

The Other Side: A Final Note For the First Year

Dear Miss C, Hello, my girl. It’s been one heck of a year, eh? I will never forget the moment I awoke at 6:15 one year ago today and knew that you were coming. Just the day before I had been at Target doing some mundane shopping and thinking about how I still had to […]

Feelin’ Groovy

We had planned to drive to Raleigh today with C to visit the state farmer’s market, but when the temperature plunged and took her┬átemperament down with it, I made the executive mom decision to put off our trip for tomorrow. I was bummed as I stood in the shower and realized that no family fun […]