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The part where I scare off all my subscribers

I have recently come across something on the internets that I feel heartily constrained to broadcast further. I’m scared out of my wits but cannot look away so hopefully bringing others into the fold will lessen the horror. Once you out evil it becomes subdued. Like the plot of The Ring, I must show it […]

Gap Fail

Oh, Gap. Gap, Gap, Gap. Your top priority should be getting a model for your maternity line who is believably pregnant, not who just got done eating a Thanksgiving meal. Full-length post tomorrow!

These are a few of my favorite memes

When Maria took those old curtains and whipped them up into new playclothes for the Von Trapp children, she took some random material and made them into something hilarious and borderline offensive. By getting inspired by the ugliness that surrounded her and duplicating it at least seven times, she was one of the original meme […]

The Troll Under the Bridge

I like to read comments. It’s a bit of a hobby. Reading an article or a status update or watching a video is *edifying* and all, but it’s in the comments that the fun really begins. That’s why you should wait awhile after an item has been published online to read it; the comments will […]