Gap Fail

Oh, Gap. Gap, Gap, Gap.

Your top priority should be getting a model for your maternity line who is believably pregnant, not who just got done eating a Thanksgiving meal.

Full-length post tomorrow!


  1. Maybe she’s gonna give birth to a turkey.

    1. I’d say that’s highly probable.

  2. Teresa Silverthorn · · Reply

    The Gap – is carrying maternity wear.

    Wow, sign of the times ;)

    1. I know, right?

  3. Um, yes! I totally agree! What is she, 5 minutes pregnant?

    1. REALLY! I wish I looked like that when I WASN’T pregnant.

  4. I got frustrated because by 7 months, the tops were too short to cover the stretchy panel on my jeans. And I only gained 20lbs the entire pregnancy, so it wasn’t me!

    1. I know! Hazards abound! Navigating maternity clothes is kind of a comedy of errors. I am glad my mom came to my town right before I started showing and bought me a ton of actually decent maternity clothes, which I never would’ve been able to afford on my own. Yay, moms!

  5. I so looked like that my whole pregnancy. (ok maybe it was only in my mind)

    1. What a coincidence! In my mind I look like that, too! :)

  6. She’s only smiling because she knows she’ll be Photoshopped. Note the pants, covering up the stretchmarks, varicose veins and swelling. I do believe, if you look closely, she is pulling out her hair…

    1. AND she most certainly integrated Spanx into her outfit. But I can’t really blame her for that, as I wore them until I felt as though I might be damaging the baby’s movement/growth.

  7. I was recently in the Gap with my daughter and she pointed to the maternity ad on their wall and said “look, Mom, she looks just like you.” For a moment I couldn’t decide if I wanted to kiss her or punish her for being a dirty rotten liar. I mean, can’t the prego models carry a little bit of weight, please?

    1. Yes! To be fair, I think a lot of the ads for the more prominent maternity stores and companies feature women who are a lot more true-to-life than the *girl* featured in this Gap ad. I just have a tendency to come down hard on the Gap because it’s been a part of my life for a loooooong time (I’ve been a customer since I was eight and worked at several different locations when I was in school and loved every second of it AND the products they offered back then) and it’s been sad for me to see the brand’s decline. I’m the Gap’s nit-picky mom who expected so much more of it.

  8. Teresa Silverthorn · · Reply

    An important widget waits for you at my site.. ;)

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