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Good New Home

As with most things parenting, B and I were flying by the seat of our pants when it came to prepping C for the move we made last week to Memphis. She’s at an age now where she understands so much more of what is going on than we give her credit for, and it’s […]

Some thoughts for Friday. Because it’s Friday already. I know, I’m shocked too.

This is another installment in the “Emily doesn’t really have a theme to her blog right now but that’s OK” series. In related news, I am enjoying my relaxed hold on blogging. Treating this space more like the diary I originally intended it to be feels right. I am, however, working on a piece on […]

Here Comes the Fun

And by “fun”, I mean tedium, stress, fear, and general grown-up time. Those who have been following my blog for awhile know that B and I have been less-than-thrilled with where we live and his job since we moved back from Korea. He is an English instructor at a community college in an economically depressed […]

On the Road Again?

So, awhile back I wrote about our urge to move back to Korea. B and I were missing it at the time and thinking about the risks and benefits of going back next year after Bebe is born. Well, we’re still thinking about it, still missing it, and still not loving where we’re living right […]