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The Post I’ve Been Needing to Write For Awhile

There is never a good time for doing the things that matter most to you in life. NEVER. I am not the first person to point this out, but it deserves repeating. You will put off the things you wantneed a thousand times, and by the time you actually save up enough money to go […]

I think I have a blog?

So, this week has been a little busy because my mom has been here visiting us and getting her fill of Cee time. Last time she was here, Cee was just on the brink of taking some steps but hadn’t made that leap of faith into full-fledged walkdom yet. That didn’t stop us from going […]

Writing Through It

At some point, my daily well-being got tied up in writing. I have learned through this weekly exercise of keeping a blog that I feel a lot better when I’m making words. The last time I wrote nearly as much was when I was in school. As a liberal arts student, I wrote papers about […]

My Office

I am obsessed. I am obsessed with Anne Lamott’s wondrous book Bird By Bird. I am also obsessed with the word “wondrous” because I have used it no fewer than 65,936 times in the last week, and I have no intentions of retiring it from my vocabulary just yet. Lamott has given me the kick […]

Revisiting MacRae Cemetery

C and I have been going on a lot of walks lately. She gets into this strange baby hypnosis mode when we’re out exploring and sometimes for fun I wave my palm in front of her face to determine how zonked she is. She swats it away and is like, “LADY, I was in a […]

To All the Words I Haven’t Written Yet

I was thinking about you tonight as I gave the baby a bath. She squirted me with her rubber duck and babbled an incoherent phrase, and my mind went to you because even though you don’t exist yet, you will soon enough and you will be as big a part of me as this girl […]

I should probably write a blog.

I have a few extra minutes. I’ll write a blog post. *Logs into WordPress.* I should check out Freshly Pressed. It’s been a few days. Anything good? HEY! My blogging friend has been FP’d! I should read what they wrote. *Reads post. Feels dumb because overlooked it when first saw it in reader several days […]

It’s learning time.

C got this little kitchen set for her birthday from my MIL Sidney. It is a talking and singing toy, and unlike all her other talking toys that sound like a grocery store PA system that hasn’t been updated since 1973, you can actually understand what it’s saying,¬†and therefore it doesn’t make me want to […]

Happiness is a small rabibit in your heart.

If someone tells you that that they lived in Asia but didn’t have a few laughs over the proliferation of Engrish there, they are way too serious, and likely also lying. I loved being surrounded by Konglish when I lived in Korea. English deserves to be taken down a few pegs. Once I found this […]

Playing Nice in the Blogosphere

Last night I was reading one of my favorite blogs, which I don’t get around to visiting too often because it’s so good that I need to allot at least an hour to just to catch up. With 10,000+ active followers, it’s one of the big blogs where the comments are usually as funny and […]