Here’s to Babies

A year ago today, this happened:

I will celebrate by eating Cherry Garcia. Granted, eating Cherry Garcia is a regular activity for me, but if you’re celebrating with a Miss C perched upon your knee, it is all the more delicious.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Just say you’re combining anniversaries – yesterday was Jerry Garcia’s birthday.
    Is this Miss C’s first introduction to Cherry Garcia?
    You are sharing it, aren’t you?!?

    1. Really?! How coincidentally perfect is that? No direct sharing yet, but I ate so much of it when I was preggo that she most certainly will have an appetite for it once she can eat real people food. I wonder if I’ll be able to say that of all the kimchi I ate before she was born.

  2. bellissimom · · Reply

    I did not see the opening line. After seeing just the picture I was thinking “oh my. Poor girl”. Then I read it again. Whew!

    1. Holy mother! That would be scary. Nope, we are completely finished for the time being. C is adamant about being an only child.

      1. I thought the same thing! “Oh, no! She thought breastfeeding was birth control. Happens to the best of them.” One step at a time.

        1. It’s so funny; I had never even heard of the misconception that BFing is birth control until after she was born. It pays to not listen to old wive’s tales.

  3. Happy “Found Out I Was Knocked Up” Day! One of life’s greater but seldom celebrated moments.

    1. Yes. And it should be celebrated with the adult beverages that were missing from the day it originally happened.

  4. Here’s to babies! I personally like them better outside the womb than in.

    1. I agree. They are much more entertaining outside.

  5. What a great thing to celebrate! I remember meeting my husband on his way home from Graduate school or “Gradual school” if your a fan of “The World according to Garp.” I was so excited to tell him the news. It’s a sweet memory, really. Thanks for reminding me : )

    1. I am a fan; come to think of it, I need to watch that movie again. I’m glad I could help channel a happy memory for you ;D

  6. Isn’t it funny how one thin line can change you life?

    1. Oh Stacy, that is the understatement of the century!

  7. A lot changes in a year. Cheers!

    1. Sure does! My life a year ago is almost unrecognizable.

  8. Yep, def thought the picture meant you were preggers again! Happy Thursday. ;)

    1. Haha! That would show a real commitment to the whole pregnancy blog thing.

  9. That’s so FUN! A lot happens in a year, amiright?

    1. You are very, very right! The change is mindboggling.

  10. What a fun celebration. I think as C gets older you should sit around and discuss the night she was conceived on this special day. Or like my mom just wait and put in my highschool graduation scrap book.

    1. Oh dear, I think she’d be mortified to hear that we had to try and try and try (and try and try, etc.) until she finally took.

    1. Thank you so much!

  11. I too thought your picture was an indication of another one on the way and cringed a little. :-)

    Glad you are enjoying some Cherry Garcia Miss C perched on your knee. Sounds like some good times right there.

    1. I think I gave everyone a pause with that one. Maybe choosing that picture wasn’t such a good idea!

  12. SQUEE to babies!!!! Yaaay for ice cream!
    (and be careful not to mix the two up…)

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