Super Awesome One Year Extravaganza!

Last August, I published my first post to The Waiting. Want to be the first person to read it? You still have time. At that time, only two people other than me knew of the impending Miss C so I needed a room to tell my secrets to, Brian Wilson-style.

A lot has happened in that year. Three themes, 400+ followers, lots of new friends, some good posts, some crappy posts. Most importantly, this,

has become this,

and I learned that the waiting really never ends. This week I am celebrating, and by “celebrating” I mean that I am going to attempt to post every single day. I couldn’t even manage to do this before Miss C was born, so my blogoversary spectacular could very well be just a form of self-flagellation. But you know, you say “tomato” and all that.

However, I have a plan. Oh yes indeed. I was never a hardcore planner before, but Miss C has forced me to think in advance for the highly-orchestrated tasks of showering and eating lunch. She has just started teething and today she rolled over all by herself for the very first time (I KNOW, right?) so it’s only by her grace that these posts will get written. Here’s what you have to look forward to, should all go as planned:

Tuesday: When both your parents are bloggers, AKA When is it too early to get your kid their own URL?

Wednesday: TBA, AKA I have several half-written posts for this day and you’ll get to read the one of them that turns out best, AKA some humiliating anecdote from my past

Thursday: Love Fest, AKA the Closest I’ll Ever Get to a Blogroll

Friday: What I’m currently waiting on, AKA What’s Next for This Blog

Stay tuned for the fun, or to see me lose my shiznit blogging everyday! We aim to please.


  1. Exciting! Happy one year!

    (and Miss C is adorable)

    1. Thank you! I need more excuses to eat Ben and Jerry’s so I felt this would serve as a good opportunity.

    1. Whoops–I pushed the “Post Comment” button too soon. I meant to say, good luck with your goal of daily posts. I can barely keep up with twice weekly posts. :)

      1. It is going to be an undertaking, but C is still in the phase where she sleeps a good chunk of the day {knock on wood}, so hopefully I’m hammer these posts out while she slumbers.

  2. Happy one year of blogging!! You are seriously hard core going for once a day posts, I struggle with two or three times a week. Glad to have made your acquaintance in this wonderful blogging world. :-)

    1. You too! I am looking forward to seeing how this week pans out!

  3. Happy nearly blog birthday! My blog will be two years old this week. But I have yet to make an actual person. So, you win. I’ve enjoyed reading your adventures and look forward to what’s coming up!


    1. Hahaha I think the fact that it’s sometimes easier to handle the baby than it is to blog means that I got off easy. Thanks Lorna! ;D

  4. Happy one year! Yay! I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post!

    1. It’s a doozy. I am going to expose my ultra-private husband in ways that will truly mortify him. So yeah!

  5. A gripping life · · Reply

    Congrats! Looking forward to more great posts. (…but no pressure. Haha!)

    1. No guarantee that I will deliver greatness, but hopefully I will at least amuse you and myself!

  6. Sounds like a week to look forward to! Congrats on your monumentous first year! I’m not sure that monumentous is actually a word, but you get the idea… :)

    1. It totally sounds like a real word to me, but then again I make up words daily. My poor child will scoff at me when she learns that “pantammies” is not a real synonym for “pajamas.”

  7. Fish Out of Water · · Reply

    Congratulations on one year!

    1. Thanks! I’m kind of impressed with myself.

  8. Happy 1 year!! WOW 400+ followers – AWESOME!!

    1. Thank you, friend! It’s been a great year!

  9. Congrats on your first year anniversary! I celebrated my second month today! Keep writing. Love the blog by the way.

    1. Thank you! I fully plan on it ;D

  10. Look at you! My blogoversary is at the end of September, which is right about when A2 will pop out. I’ll have you know I checked on you in your early days, too. Love your blog, ladycakes!

    1. As a baby gift to you, I will gladly write your blogosversary post for you, as long as you don’t mind outsourcing. But don’t worry; as you can see I have a good grasp of the English language.

      1. That would be so FUN! Yes, let’s do it.

        1. Awesome! You just tell me when you want it by!

  11. i love blog plans! i look forward to all of it! muah, sm

    1. Thanks, Moms!

  12. Hooray one year! Hooray rolling over! All very exciting. Next comes crawling, so you better get ready!

    1. She’s already trying to climb out of her Bumbo (or as B calls it, her Bimbo chair.) I don’t know what’s more disturbing, that he calls it that or that pretty much our entire apartment is un-baby-proofed ;/

  13. Congrats Emily and loved the pictures! Look forward to all those planned posts — I love the ones you’ve written since I began following you.

    I think about doing that then I’m afraid I wouldn’t so I just post all willy-nilly and hope for the best.

    1. Thanks, Brig! I usually post willy-nilly. I used to actually have a schedule before C was born, but it turned out to be one of the casualties of parenthood. Now that my husband (a teacher) is headed back to work, I’m hoping to work out more of a regular schedule, though.

  14. Exciting. Happy 1st! I’ve thought about a week of posting every day and I can’t ever pull it off. Yours sounds like fun!

    1. Thanks! I think it will be good. My sleep pattern may suffer, but it won’t be the first time that’s happened.

  15. Happy Bloggyversary!

    1. Thanks, Weebs! Can I call you that or is it too borderline “adorbs” and “totes”?

      1. It’s totes fine! :D

  16. Daily posts, that is some hard shiznits, but I look forward to reading.

    1. Hopefully it’ll be entertaining. It will be no 50 Shades of Buttplugs, but I can’t recreate genius.

  17. me = eagerly anticipating!

    1. Hope I don’t disappoint!

  18. Happy Blogiversary? Happy Blogday? Whatever you call it, I’m glad you’re here! And good luck with the daily posts – I just did it and it was a slight struggle!

    1. I will take that luck. Hopefully I won’t resort to drugging the baby. That would be a low point in my adventures in parenthood thus far.

  19. Congrats on the one-year mark! You are so ambitious…on the other hand, babies give us so much to post about (‘specially Miss C:D). I’ll look forward to your posts.

    1. So true! I have about 25 drafts of posts that I will likely never finish writing due to her existence, and of course the reason why there are so many drafts in the first place is because of her. The ultra paradox. They can keep their lactation consultants; I need a secretary.

      1. Too funny! And too true…lactation consultants were helpful, but what’s next, wait…I’d better censor that thought.Well, okay, I’ll tone it down…elimination coaches? I vote for the secretary. Let me know if you find a good one…

  20. Aaack good luck with posting every day! I hope you got Miss C’s written permission for this.

    1. I’ve already promised her a pony if she cooperates with my undertaking. Luckily, she thinks her bottle is a pony.

      1. If only you can keep that going and convince her her bike is a car at 16. I think peers might interrupt that one.

  21. Looking forward to it!

  22. Happy Anniversary! I am back in town from the wilds and am catching up on your most recent posts. So you will see lots of comments from me today. I can’t believe I have been loving and enjoying your posts for a year! Can’t wait to see what you post in Year Two!

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