Today, I’m reblogging my Black Friday post from last year. The only real changes from my 2011 thoughts are that the baby is now here and instead of mouthwash, we need dishwasher detergent. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving or just plain Thursday yesterday!

The Waiting

Today we awoke to find that we were out of mouthwash, a staple in our home. Possibly because we spent some time in Korea where almost everyone brushes after every single meal, B and I are anal about our teeth (OK, note to self, “anal about your teeth” should not be a thing. Ewww.)

Because we use so much of it, I usually buy the generic brand; frugality is cool, man. This means that I buy it at Target or Walmart nine times out of ten. Normally, we have some backup containers under the sink, along with about ten extra tubes of toothpaste, fifteen extra toothbrushes, several thousand extra yards of floss, and a couple of those tongue scrapers and a dentist-office spritz (for good measure.) But with the baby coming, I have lost focus during my Target visits and neglected to stock up on mouthwash lately. Obsessed with Baby’s…

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  1. my plain Thursday was the best yesterday. It was just like every other Thursday, and on a scale from average to average pretty damn average!

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    I’m still waiting for a response to my tweet, though. It’s damn hard typing this comment while hopping around like a bunny on crystal meth.

    1. I’m glad you had an average Thursday. Average beats horrible every single time!

    1. Thanks! You are being waaaaay too generous to me lately.

      1. It must those lovely baby photos making me be nice for once :-)

      2. It must those lovely baby photos making me be nice for once :-)

  2. What’s old is new – but still awwesome!

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