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Festivus: The Big Reveal

So it’s Friday. We made it. If you’re reading this right now, the world didn’t end, and for that, we should all celebrate. Of course, there are still several hours left in the day, so I’m not making any promises. But, look on the bright side: either way you have an excuse to get drunk. […]

Presents! We have presents!: A very special Festivus post

I could write an introduction, but who would read it? No one. Because….. THIS IS THE PRESENTS POST! Goodies for all! Remember that Ashley and I invite you to write your own Festivus-inspired post on your blog. You can drop hints on who you gifted, muse over who gave you your gift, or air your […]

A Friendly Reminder

Ashley and I have been receiving so many fantastic Festivus gifts to dole out amongst you all that we are fighting the urge just to keep them all to ourselves. Really! They’re great! Huge props to everyone who has already sent in their gifts. But we want to make sure EVERYONE gets a present. This […]

Festivus Guest List

Are you there, Emily’s readers? It’s me, Ashley. I’ve been tasked with writing Festivus Post #2: The Guest List. You know how sometimes when you throw a party, you invite a whole bunch of people and then, like, 5 of them actually show up? Yeah, Festivus was nothing like that. Emily and I were completely […]

You Are Cordially Invited!

It’s time to break out your holiday finery and put a lampshade on your head! The holiday season has arrived! I’ll be going to one or two Christmas affairs hosted by my friends and family this year, but nothing says “holiday stress” like hosting your own party. Which is exactly what I am going to […]