Sweet Relief

C’s heart murmur is innocent.

I had just put her down for a nap when I heard my cell phone ring in our bedroom. The curtains were shut and the air had just cut off, leaving the room in a state of solemn coolness. I saw the local area code pop up and I knew the results from her echo cardiogram on Tuesday were in.

The call took less than 45 seconds. Forty-five seconds to let me exhale and know that she is OK. It almost seemed counterintuitive that good news could be shimmied into such a brief period of time. I called B to tell him right away.

“I always knew she was alright.”

“How did you know?”

“Because she’s happy. And even if she wasn’t healthy, she would still be happy and perfect.”

These are my people.



  1. Whew, Baby C. You’ve got good people.

    1. I tend to agree. ;D

  2. Le Clown · · Reply

    Sigh of relief, in echo. Much love to you all.
    Le Clown

    1. Is this Le Clown talking? That sounded like Eric.

      1. Le Clown · · Reply

        There is no Eric, only Le Clown -Ghostbusters
        Le Clown

        1. Well now I want to watch Ghostbusters.

  3. Yay! I knew she would be okay. Look at that picture, for pete sake – that’s a well baby. :)

    1. She is adorable. We took her to the botanic gardens last weekend and she had such a ball!

  4. ADORE C. and her precious mama and daddy.

    1. Love you too!

  5. What great news! So glad everything is fine with your lovely daughter xxx

    1. Me too! Thanks, Pixie.

  6. Glad you got the good news! Innocent until proven guilty prevails again.

    1. It sure does!

  7. Wonderful news! I’m really happy for you. I know how anxious you were until you found out for sure.

    1. I was super anxious. They told me that it would be at least Thursday until we found out the results, so I was thrilled to have such good news a day early. I think it saved a few of my hairs from going gray.

  8. And you 3 are my people ~~~

  9. Just know I am celebrating by hanging all my sports bras around my neck! Wonderful news!

      1. Like mother like daughter. I mean, how do you think C learned to hang bras from her neck?

    1. Yes! That’s the best possible way to celebrate!

  10. How WONDERFUL!!!!! Now you can exhale and enjoy her sunshine :) so happy for you!

    1. It is a wonderful feeling! Thanks!

  11. Em, such great news and that pic of your sweet, precious baby girl is beautiful. You guys are just good people.

    1. You are too, Brig. She is certainly loving life.

  12. Glad you got some good news. I worry that my babies inherited the congenital heart defect that went undiagnosed until it nearly killed me by exacerbating my postpartum complications. When they’re a little older, I’ll get them tested.

    1. You guys will take such good care of them. You already do.

  13. anngoodrichbazan · · Reply


  14. Wonderful news. You’ll find that won’t be the last time you’ll worry and your husband will know everything is OK. It’s like that and it’s weird. But it’s good.

    1. It really is good. We both went through moments since finding out about the murmur where one of us would get really scared and concerned, but then the other person would hold them up.

      1. That is the wonderful thing about being partners in parenthood.

  15. So glad, Emily. Thanks for letting us know.

    1. Thank you for listening and caring!

    1. You were right all along!

    1. Yes! I loved that! Thank you!

  16. I’m with B on this one. That little girl will always be fine and happy as long as you guys are in her life :)

    1. You guys are both wise old souls.

  17. Hooray for Wee Cee! I’m glad everything turned out well!

    1. Me too! It is a major, major relief.

  18. I’m so glad!! It’s always terrifying when something could be wrong with your child.

    1. It really is. This was the first biggish thing we’ve worried about with her, so it was a good lesson in learning to prioritize what’s really important.

      Thanks for commenting, Dimples! I will be checking out your blog soon ;D

  19. The best news. Thanks for the update.

    1. My pleasure. Thanks for loving us.

  20. genericmessage · · Reply


  21. That is wonderful news!

    1. I tend to agree! Thanks! ;D

  22. Yay and hooray!!! :)

    1. Oh happy day ;D Tell Doodle ABC says hi.

    1. I know! Totally unrelated, but I had to order a copy of the book I want to write about for the weirdo kids book club since my mom couldn’t find our original. It just came in! A library discard from about 30 years ago, but it looks great! What’s next?

  23. Wonderful news! Time for olympic training!

    1. Thanks! I am hoping to secure a Russian gymnastics coach this weekend. You can never get them started too young.

  24. I TOLD you I had magical good thoughts if I sent them hard enough in the right direction!!!

    OK, fine, look at C. That kid’s got all the magic on her own. She doesn’t need any of mine.

    YAY YAY! This is the best news. Virtual hugs to you all!!!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I think you have a direct link to her magic. We should get y’all together someday.

  25. What a relief! And what a terrific picture! Love that shot, Emily! C looks like such a happy little pistol!

    1. Thanks, V! She is a happy gal. This one was taken on our way to the Cape Fear Botanic Garden. She had such a good time.

      1. Was that her first visit there?

        1. It was! I think we may get a membership there because she loved it so much. It was really beautiful and huge.

          1. A membership might be well worth the investment. Oy, I sound like a financial adviser. I’m glad she enjoyed it. I’m all for kids soaking up culture.

  26. I’m so happy she’s healthy. She’s so big!

    Much love to you all,


    1. She is freaking HUGE! How do they grow so fast? How, how, how?

      1. Well, I feed my son with fertilizer twice a week. By the time he’s 6 he’ll be the size of an average church.

  27. Phew…This is great news, Emily! Hooray for Miss C!

    1. I would agree! She is a charmed soul.

      1. And GORGEOUS!

  28. And of course “YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The best phone call of the day, month, week, year ~

    1. I totally agree! It was a beautiful voice on the other end!

  29. unfetteredbs · · Reply

    Fantastic!YAY.. good peeps indeed Emily. High fiver :)

    1. Thanks, Audra! *Slaps hand*

  30. Rohan 7 Things · · Reply

    Awwwww, so glad everything is fine with your little one :) My little brother is 8 years younger than me and he had a lot of health complications soon after birth (2 major operations). It’s tough but somehow everyone steps up and meets the challenge :)

    It’s great that little C is doing well. All the best to all of ya!


    1. Thanks, Rohan! Totally true that you step up to what’s doled out to you. Family is amazing when health news is daunting.

  31. She looks so sweet! Glad you got good news!

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