Remember That Time…we listened to the radio?

This week I’m road trippin’ with the fam to the setting of most of my Remember That Time We Did the Things posts, Memphis, Tennessee. It’s the hometown that I love to hate, but since Memphis is basically my family, no one is allowed to talk smack about it except me. You know how you can rag on your family constantly but then the instant someone else puts it down, you come to its defense and rip the foreign naysayer a new one? That’s me and Memphis. I’m allowed to complain of its faults, but if you ever do, I’m coming after you. It’s the 901 way.

Anyhoo, the jury’s out on if I’m even going to have time to write a post this week for Remember the Time (although I DID write a post ahead of time that you’ll see tomorrow. Look at me, blogging all seriously now.) This week, I’ll be busy eating barbecue,



hanging out at the Memphis Zoo,

Lions, and tigers, and Dippin' Dots, OH MY!

Lions, and tigers, and Dippin’ Dots, OH MY!

chillin’ at the Shell,

Shiny happy people holdin' hands.

Shiny happy people holdin’ hands.

and maybe introducing Cee to the shrunken head at the Pink Palace,

He gave his life for tourism.

He gave his life for tourism.

and remembering why I moved away in the first place when I become encompassed in the constant 1000% humidity. However, Ashley and I still have a prompt for you for this week’s chapter of Remember the Time: the radio. 

Why not throw in another picture I didn't take myself into this post? Boom.

Why not throw another picture I didn’t take myself into this post? Boom.

Share your radio memories in a post and then check back with Ashley at Zebra Garden on Thursday and Friday to link up with us! Even if I won’t be writing, I will be reading, so dance, monkeys, DANCE!


  1. I may end up doing one giant nostalgic post. I love all these prompts, but I’ve been so busy teaching camp, I haven’t had much time to write!

    1. Summer is the #1 nemesis of Internet productivity. (I actually think that’s a really good thing.)

  2. Em! I’ve seen and been to and walked around all these places. And I’m the same as you — I can say whatever I want to about Memphis, but don’t you diss it. ;). Great post and brought back some great memories for me, albeit many of them were very hot and sticky — yowsa, that humidity!

    1. Brig! Someday I will walk the streets of Memphis with you! We’ll hit up Cooper Young for coffee at Java Cabana and grab a cocktail and din din at The Beauty Shop ;D It will be awesome!

      1. Ahhh, Cooper Young. I have some fond memories there and LOVE Java Cabana. And sure let’s do some cocktails. I’m there, Em. ;)

  3. Ann @ Such a Mama · · Reply

    I love that topic… one that is very near and dear to our hearts.

    I also nominated you for Liebster Award! You can read it about it here: I hope you don’t mind. Consider it a shout out to one of my favorite blogs!

    1. Thank you, lady! I always appreciate awards!

  4. I thought the Shell was going to be a gas station, which is always a good place to hang out. At least if you’re a teen. If you’re a grown man they call the cops.
    “Radio memories”? Why, I was preparing to write on this very topic! Will let you know when it’s up.

  5. I look like an actual monkey when I dance.

  6. Have a great trip! I still listen to the radio constantly.

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  8. Doode! I have an AWESOME story about this topic!! ….but will I have time to write it????? Maybe I don’t need to sleep the week before my wedding.

  9. Hahaha, yes, the 901 way! Hope you have a great trip and also unearth some cassette tapes of songs you recorded off the radio. “Down” by 311 comes to mind. Happy hunting!

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