Remember That Time….we almost melted?

It seems way too appropriate that as I sat down at Starbucks to write about the Remember the Time theme for this week – heat waves“Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellas started playing on their in-house mix. I mean, come on. Give that link a clickity click; you’ll be glad you did.

Is it hot where you are? I thought it was bad in North Carolina, but then once we got to Memphis a week ago, I started pining for the dry-by-comparison North Carolina coastal heat. Memphis is known for basically inventing a very special brand of the blues and the best barbecue you’ll ever have*, but it is Home of Humid too. Humidity you can cut with a butter knife and spread on your toast at breakfast and then be good until dinner. I’d hate it, but it’s home, and c’mon, they play Martha and the Vandellas in Starbucks here. This place is pretty special.

*Please don’t try to talk my out of this conviction. When we lived in Korea, the only Western-style barbecue we could find was Memphis style. Not North Carolina style, not Texas style. Memphis style. People the world over give a sh*t about what my hometown invented, not the other hangers-on.

So. It’s hot. Tell us your heat wave stories and link up with Ashley and me on Thursday and Friday. Like last week, I am crossing my fingers and toes that I’ll be able to carve out some time to pound out a post myself, but since I’m still on the road (AND looking forward to meeting face-to-face another very special blogger this Thursday….squee!) I make no promises. On that note, thank you all for reading and commenting while I’ve been largely absent from the comments. I feel kind of guilty for even opening the comments knowing that I won’t have time to answer them the way I normally do, but I put a lot of faith in this magic heat. Maybe it’ll give me strength? Nah, that’s doubtful, but I still have faith. Like I said, that barbecue is magical stuff.

I swear I own clothes other than this blue dress.

Greetings from the southern capital of heat! I swear I own clothes other than this blue dress.


  1. You have such an adorable family!

    1. Thank you! I like ’em ;D

  2. You look happy and adorable in seriously every picture, and I think you passed it on to Cee.

    1. Sometimes I think I did too. We both also cry with equal passion.

  3. Cute picture! Um… 112 degrees (F) a couple weeks ago…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

    but the worst was Palm Springs on July 4th – 120 degrees (F) and 45% humdity… it was like death and then dying.

    1. I hate the hundreds! They shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

      1. I know – any temperate that is on a dial for an overn should not be happening outside.

      2. er – temperature, I mean.

  4. Love the pic, love the theme. I’m excited!

    1. Does it even get hot in Canada? Maybe I need to move there….

      1. ugh barely. I’ll trade you some cool northwest breezes for some sticky Memphis heat. Dealio?

  5. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

    1. I will! Thanks!

  6. Seeing as I’ll be extremely busy on Friday, here’s my post: at the summer camp where Brian and I met, we’d have about a week with 100+ temperatures, and we had no indoor facilities for the chillins. So what did we do? We hosed em down. And then, with our California dry heat, they’d have that smoldering, fresh-out-of-the-dryer feel in no time, so we’d hose em down a-gain. We often joked that running camp was like herding cats, but in the heat it was like trying to keep house plants alive. Rinse and repeat.

  7. If Memphis is as hot and sticky (or more so!) than where I am in south-central VA, I must never go there in the summer. I couldn’t survive!

    Remembering that time when I almost melted was…um, earlier today, actually. And every day of every summer my whole life here. Gah.

    This is why I write about Nordic and arctic stuff a lot on my blog. :-P

    Enjoy your time with family! :)

  8. What happens if it’s hot 364 days/yr in Austin? And stop lying, you’re so much better about replying than I am, even when you’re away.

    Enjoy! Wait, who are you meeting???

  9. Well, I, for one, prefer Memphis bbq over NC. NC’s bbq is too sweet for me.

    Great fam shot! And you’re the only one in the pic not hinting of some oral fixation…C must be teething, and B must have the adult-version of Orajel in hand, like a Long Island Iced Tea?

  10. I lived in TN for a summer — that’s HEAT! I couldn’t believe how day or night it was so hot, humid, and sticky. And everywhere there was AC; which is kinda like the reverse of a Canadian winter where everyone runs their cars for 15 min before they actually get in them to unthaw the doors.

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    1. Don’t worry! Don’t worry! I have figured it out! I am genius woman.

  12. I have no heatwave because I live in Sweden where mid 70s is about as hot as it gets. I’m torn between loving weather that you can actually be outside and enjoy, and feeling like I’m still waiting for Real Summer, i.e. could fry eggs on a car hood hot, to start.

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