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Remember the Time…we carpooled?

Some bad news and some good news for you this Monday. What would you like first? The bad news? Good, me too. Let’s yank that Band-Aid off real quick. I’m bummed to tell you today that my right-hand lady Ashley of Zebra Garden is going to be taking a longterm hiatus from blogging and Remember […]

Remember the Time….we hopped on that bandwagon?

Have you ever thought about the word “bandwagon”? It is kind of a weird way to describe trends that everyone wants in on. What band travels by wagon? The Monkees used a bed as a means of transport during the opening credits of their show, but I’m pretty sure that if they actually needed to […]

Remember the Time….we loosened up?

From time to time, Ashley and I will get lazy and not come up with a topic invite you to write whatever you like for Remember That Time, our mothball-scented weekly stroll down memory lane. It turns out that benevolence looks good on us. And that sometimes we forget until midnight on Sunday night to come up with a topic. […]

Remember That Time…..we watched MTV?

This week for the RTT Blog Hop, Ashley and I are throwing you a slowball. It’s the one topic we all have a story about or an opinion of. And no, it’s not everything bagels. There’s only one valid opinion about everything bagels anyway, and it’s that they are manna from Heaven. Case closed. This […]

Remember That Time…you spent the night?

So, with the first week of Ashley’s and my nostalgic blog linkup Remember the Time When We Did the Things behind us, I think we can safely say that it was a good idea to get y’all to write stuff for us. Even though we launched it on a day when most Americans were busier […]

Why Are You Trying to Ruin My Life?

Boring Subtitle: A Survey of All the Trips I Ever Took As a Teen With My Family I was really excited when Ashley of Zebra Garden came to me suggesting that we start a linkup where we could reflect on all the ridiculousness of our childhoods. Now I have the weekly opportunity to embarrass myself more! Wins all […]

Listen To Your Ashley

Meet Ashley. You may know her already. Still, say hi. Hiiiiiiiiii, Ashley. Ashley is pretty much the best. She writes a blog called Zebra Garden. I had been blogging for two months when I found Ashley. Scrolling through the parenting boards on WordPress, I clicked on a link to a post by a full-term preggo […]