A Charmed Life

Sometimes I wish I could see the world through Cee’s eyes and hear it through her ears. This morning as B added the sugar and cream to his coffee, the ting ting ting of the spoon hitting against the sides of his mug created enough of a groove for Cee to start dancing. She set her legs apart, bent her knees, and pushed her arms out for the duration of his coffee prep. Then she walked off as if nothing had happened and tried to climb the bookcase in our room.

Practical activities for a Monday morning.

O to be a toddler, where music is everywhere and bookcases are mountains. It’s a big world, and there are little treasures and mysteries hidden everywhere if we only stop to listen. My advice is to get a year-and-a-half year old guide to help you find them. The youth have a pulse on the frequencies of the Universe.

Cee has a direct line to God through my toothbrush.

Cee has a direct line to God through my toothbrush.


  1. Regarding the impromptu dancing, I’m not sure how I feel about sharing that in common with a toddler.

    1. My husband and I always joke about what it would be like if adults behaved like toddlers. There would be a lot of insane dancing and planking. So basically, college.

      1. ….what do you mean “if”??
        My husband and I do behave like toddlers – tantrums and all.
        Plus, it’s really funny when you turn on the toothbrush and then take it out of your mouth and have the frothy paste go flying.

        1. I can so picture Lyssa doing all of this! ;-)

          1. Froth everywhere!

  2. Love the concept of a child speaking to God and God having a sense of humor leading the child to communicate through the toothbrush. I think a conversation might go like this:

    God – so what’s up Cee, have you filled your diaper again?
    Cee – yeah, but Mom & Dad haven’t smelled it yet.
    God – need some help?
    Cee – thanks, but I got it…don’t worry, they’ll be around soon. Yesterday I snuck in a few bites of Dad’s onion rings.

    1. That must be why she’s gotten so into prayer before meals. “Mama, pay. Pay, PAY!”

  3. Isn’t it amazing? Ah, to have a fresh, unmarked brain, learning everyday things for the first time. The thought that as parents, we’re helping guide that brain is both frightening and humbling, isn’t it?

    1. It really is. I am often baffled by the amount of things she sees for the first time every day.

  4. You’re right. I have a similar post I’ll probably be writing about Baby C and laundry baskets.

    1. I love the random things toddlers get fixated on.

      1. Me, too. Tonight it was marbles. Or as he calls them, balls. Look at my balls, daddy!

  5. Little ones are SO much more wise than us adults sometimes.

    1. I agree. I wish I had taken her suggestion to just eat bread for dinner :)

      1. Sometimes it’s the best…who am I kidding it’s always the best!

  6. Amazing, to imagine seeing through a child’s eyes. I was at lunch yesterday and it was impressive to see how the kid at the table next to us (probably about 2) was entranced by the simplest things -the texture of the wall tiles, the bread basket, the waiter’s glasses. I wish we kept that level of wonder as adults!

    1. Me too! But mostly I wish I were a kid because they get to take naps.

      1. Naps are AMAZING! It’s one of my favorite parts of the weekend!

  7. Hilarious, Emily! The further I get from my inner child and the closer I get to my outer oldster, the more we need posts like these. Cee rocks!

    1. She is so much fun! Exhausting, but fun.

  8. I wish the same thing sometimes!

  9. I wish I have a kid so I can experience what you are experiencing. How I envy you. I really like kids especially the toddler. I think they are the joy of a home.

    1. They are really awesome. They are hard too, but mostly awesome.

  10. Love it. Cee is the model child. Every kid she be like her. I need to do more spontaneous dancing and then just stop all of a sudden like NO BIG D.

    1. Come on over and dance with us, Lils! We like to listen to an array of music around here, spanning from Elmo to Passion Pit.

  11. Toddlers are my fav. :) Love the toothbrush pic!! Call me!

    1. Hahahaha! Keep your dental floss handy and expect a call from us soon.

  12. I have a 17 month old who also just busts a move whenever the beat is right…..the beat of anything. And I love it. It always makes me smile. Always. To see the world through a child’s eyes definitely reminds us of innocence and new beginnings. I always wonder what it must be like for everything to be brand new.

    1. It’s probably pretty amazing and terrifying at the same time. C got her flu shot this week and you would have thought it was Armageddon. But she felt the opposite extreme of excitement and happiness when she got to play with her old carseat. I can’t even.

  13. I’m all about toddleresque behaviors. And adding ‘esque’ to all my wordesques.

    Can I dance with a diaper?

    I do miss the toddler days (sometimes) – where everything is NEW open for interpretation. Dance on Wee Cee ~

    1. I like esque too. And ish. Ette is pretty fun too ;D

  14. findingninee · · Reply

    Aw. Toddlers. Magical.

    1. If only we could all see the world through their eyes ;D

  15. Oh, yes, they do! Those of us who are blessed with their presence and can see through their eyes are privy to that holy exchange!

  16. Do all toothbrushes work that way? I’ve obviously not been using mine to its full potential.

    1. DUDE, I totally know. She keeps telling me she’s going to show me how to get empty ice trays to stream Netflix too.

  17. Total cuteness… brings back sweet memories. Also reminds me that we had to bolt our book shelves into our walls, after our apt. maintenance guy told us about kids climbing them, and having them fall. Oh the baby proofing never ended!

    1. Our apartment maintenance guy is full of babyproofing tidbits too! When I was pregnant he told me not to plug the hairdryer into the outlet next to the sink. They are just full of helpful hints.

  18. She is at a magical age. Glad you are enjoying it!

    1. She totally is! We need to Skype with you soon so she can give you an earful of all the things she can say ;D

  19. Danda does the same thing to the sound of the washing machine doing it’s final spin.

    1. Ha! They should have a dance party!

      1. Danda would like that.

  20. […] remember when she danced to the ting-tingĀ sound of B stirring his coffee with a […]

  21. My oldest, now 28 would play in her own world until Dolly Parton began to sing on the television. Then she would drop everything, stand in front of the screen and dance for the duration of the song. As Dolly finished, she would pick up her playthings and walk away as if the t.v. had turned off of its own accord.

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