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The Things You Miss

Sometimes I fear that this space is becoming a shrine to the places where I am not. When I’m not decrying Fayetteville, I’m planning for the Bebe and all that she’ll bring to my future. There’s nobility to that. Expectation, longing, and love. How could you resist meditating on a blessing, albeit mysterious and possibly […]


So, I wasn’t planning on posting today – I’m saving my big holiday post for Friday – but with the death of Kim Jong Il, I feel like I should say something. Right now, those old nerves I experienced when North Korea would raise a ruckus while I was living in the ROK are resurfacing. […]

Introducing: Dung Chim

Being a little kid is the absolute best (and sometimes, worst) thing possible. Yeah, you don’t have a lot of control over your life, but that frees you up to unabashedly explore all the weirdness you’re surrounded by without being self-conscious about it. You can watch your Barbie video four times in a row, loving […]

To raise a baby abroad in Korea or not to raise a baby abroad in Korea

That is decidedly a very specific question. But it’s one that has been coming up a lot lately in our house. It’s no secret to friends and family that ever since B and I returned from Korea back in March we have been missing it a lot. Let me just get it out of the […]