Waves of Awesome

This has been a great week, and not just because Florida decided to mind its manners and clear its skies once we got there. (Although I would like to give a big shoutout to the Sunshine State for living up to its name.)

First, Dear Expletive Baby had her baby. Awesome #1.

Then, Squatch from & Squatch Makes Three burst forth from his mama’s loins and into Ande’s ready arms. Score another one for our WordPress birthing club! Now we’re just waiting on Jell’s bebe and the Shotgun Fetus to pop. Not to get all kumbayah or anything, but I feel very bonded with the people whose pregnancies coincided with mine here on the ol’ blog, so when their babies come, it’s a very beautiful thing. I get just as excited as I do when my IRL friends have their babies.

Which they DO!

B’s and my friends Sam and Becca had a baby girl on Thursday night! Woot! Something’s in the air!

But it wasn’t just babies that made my week honky-dory. Nope. Come to find out that one of our besties who we met in Korea is engaged and getting married in September! I’ve had a post about weddings on the backburner for a couple months now, but it looks like now I need to break it out and just write the dang thing.

Also, I am likely going to get to see one of my best friends from high school next week in Memphis! And I haven’t seen her IN AGES; ie, she’s never even met B, much less Wee Cee. She lives in Italy and we were supposed to meet up in France last year, but the day she was supposed to fly out, her flight (and all flights out of Italy) were cancelled when there was an airline strike. BOO. I was sad. She was sad. B was sad too because I was sad. But she’s *hopefully* going to get on a standby flight to Memphis on Sunday, so cross your fingers and toes for us, ‘k?

And my last happiness: Sunday is our sixth anniversary. We’re going to be having a Sip ‘N See (or, as I like to call it, a Sip N’ Cece) in Memphis, showing off our little gal. How’s that for full circle?

We’ve had a long day today driving from Sanibel to Tallahassee. Wee Cee did well, but she got the gassies and was in a lot of pain near the end. Tomorrow we head to Memphis. It’s the longest drive we’ve had with her yet, so hopefully she’ll pull through.

Gas and too many kisses irk her.

I’ll just tell her that she’s the big girl among online blog babies now and hopefully that’ll give her the stalwart boost she needs. Still, cross your fingers for her too, will you?


  1. So glad you had fun and sun! Have a safe trip…

    1. Thanks! We did. The last few hours nearly killed us, but we somehow made it.

  2. That picture is priceless. SOOOO know that baby face.

    1. It is hilarious. Her bottom lip quiver is flawless.

  3. Let’s see…yay on the pleasant car trip, CONGRATULATIONS!!! on the anniversary, hope your friend makes her flight, and
    holy crap! Here’s what I want to know – did all this babymaking happen before or after y’all started blogging?

    1. That’s a good question! I think everyone started their blogs post-baby making except Jell Jell.

  4. yyyyyaaaaay, trips are awesome. much love, ems, much love. sm

    1. Yes they are! For Cracker Barrel alone!

  5. bellissimom · · Reply

    A happy anniversary to you. Glad Florida decided to do right by your vacation plans. Have fun visiting with your friend. It is so much fun to get to reunite especially since you get to show off your beautiful baby!

    1. I agree! She got on her flight so I will see her tomorrow. So stoked!

  6. Glad Florida was awesome and that tropical storm didn’t ruin it for you! We’re excited to be part of the baby gang. We still knocking over that convenience store next week?

    1. You know it.

      And I’m still working on the plans for our Vegas heist. Will forward them to you once they are complete.

  7. Aaahhh, her face is the cutest in that pic. You found the sun! It was surely sent from Texas, like I promised. And thanks for the holla! Only 12 more weeks for me and I feel like I’m just getting to the good stuff, i.e. feeling an astronaut bouncing relentlessly around in the galaxy of my womb.

    1. Only 12 more weeks! Amazing how everyone else’s pregnancy seems to go by so much faster than one’s own.

  8. dkingneece · · Reply

    LOVE her face in that photo. So priceless. And congrats on 6 years!

    1. She is a crazy expressive kiddo! I feel kind of bad laughing at her whenever she gets upset enough to make that face.

      1. I foresee a LOT of “I feel bad laughing at him” in my future as a parent.

  9. Glad the weather cleared for you. I was worried it wouldn’t. On the news they just kept showing storms over Florida.
    Happy 6th Anniversary!
    Have a safe and uneventful drive back!

    1. Thank you! We have spent our anniversary just looking at our sweet girl. Oh, and with Indian food. Two awesome things!

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