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Revisiting MacRae Cemetery

C and I have been going on a lot of walks lately. She gets into this strange baby hypnosis mode when we’re out exploring and sometimes for fun I wave my palm in front of her face to determine how zonked she is. She swats it away and is like, “LADY, I was in a […]

A Plea To Young Parents

I am knee-deep in presents today. I’m laying them all out nice and neatly under our Festivus pole for the big exchange on Friday. So today my practically-Aunt Ellen (she’s actually besfrinn Cameron’s aunt but who’s splitting hairs?) is here to entertain you with a little holiday PSA. Enjoy and I’ll see you Friday! -Emily […]

The One Thing I Have No Patience For

I can tolerate a lot. I’m learning to get over it when I don’t get around to the nineteenth vacuum cleaning of the day. (C’s rice cake granules can suck it for all I care.) I’ve blocked out the ridiculousness that abounds on Facebook during election season by unsubscribing to people. I’m well on my […]


Spotted in my grand town: Well, that’s a relief.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Having just moved to a new town in North Carolina and becoming an *official* practitioner of housewifery – complete with baby bump AND a daily-used KitchenAide – I have had to recalibrate many aspects of my life. Not working a typical job is a big one, but I’m not complaining because my husband is beyond […]

A very quick jaunt through the “best city in America”

Just to clarify, I didn’t use quotations in the title out of snarkiness or anything. So if you were hoping for a biting skewering of Raleigh, North Carolina, sorry. I’m going to be nice today. Last week, B and I realized that it was high time to take a little break from our Gopher Prairie-esque […]

Tackiness: The New Horizon

Today we are going to take a little break from the topic of Bebe and address something that has become a major pet peeve in my life, the likes of which have not been matched since I first saw the trend of girls wearing cutoffs that were so short that the pockets were visible below […]