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That Time I Got Acupuncture in Korea

We had three months left in our contract in Korea when I checked out. An end in sight to our two year stint gave me acute senioritis, hating everything distinct to the culture but also all the things that really weren’t. Kimchi and sidewalks both had to go. My body got into the spirit of […]

Well, that was fun.

We made it to Sanibel Island! Here it is: And some more: Yay. Now we’re crossing our fingers and toes that this foul weather clears out, you know, before we leave later this week. But the real question I know y’all are all wondering about is, how did Miss C do on the drive? She. […]

Getting Some Stuff Off My Chest

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t really written a lot about breastfeeding since having Miss C. This is odd, of course, because it’s basically all I do. With all the TIME hoopla, though, I think now is the time for me to go on the record with some quick notes and […]

Tales of the World: Just Saying No

For the first installment of Tales of the World for Miss C, check out this post.  When my friend Kendra visited Miss C and me last week, we got to reminiscing as old friends are prone to do about our days in elementary and middle school. She is probably my only real remaining friend from […]


Graduation season is upon us. Lately, every time I log onto Facebook, I see my friends updating their statuses saying that their final projects and theses have been submitted and they just picked up their caps and gowns. B’s work schedule has changed a bit to accommodate the exams, and in a couple weeks he […]

Tales of the World: Bad Dates

As I sit here with my teeny little gal, gazing at her teeny little nose, hearing her teeny little sounds, and beaming at her teeny little smiles, I am reminded that this place where she is right now is ohso temporary and therefore extremely precious. I love her smallness more and more each day, but […]

Born This Way: Part Deux

As a reminder, I’m going to break from my general pattern of trying not to gross you out too much with body fluids, body matter, and the gory side of pregnancy simply because it’s impossible not to when you’re describing a person coming out of another person. I mean, she CAME OUT of me…. So we […]

Born This Way: Part One

First off, welcome to all the new followers of The Waiting! I really can’t believe I was Freshly Pressed only FOUR DAYS after giving birth. Not going to lie; I have fantasized about getting that WordPress distinction ever since I started blogging but I never really thought it would happen, much less during the most […]

The Emancipation of Bebe

So, it looks like today is The Day. For a pregnancy blog, that can only mean one thing. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Oh and if you’re having some trouble putting this together, just scroll down to the tags.  

Pregnancy: When Lunacy is Everywhere

The one piece of unsolicited advice I’ve gotten during my pregnancy that I actually appreciate and take stock in is to beware of unsolicited advice from strangers. I like to believe that the people – mainly women but I’ve gotten some gems from men too – who have indiscriminately doled out random, often ridiculous pearls of wisdom […]