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How I Spent My Shower Vacation: I Promise This is the Final Installment

OK, so I realize that this whole chronicle of my trip to Memphis has gotten a little longer than we all hoped, but I can assure you that the slideshow is wrapping up and pretty soon I’ll be refreshing your drinks/ offering you a piece of strawberry shortcake/ allowing you to escape. Sleep did not […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part Three

Sunday night’s sleep was choppy, to say the least. My brother Trevor and I both went to sleep with the knowledge that our mom’s night was going to be a lot rougher than ours, though, what with her spending the night in the hospital. Monday morning we got ourselves together and headed over to the […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part Two

So, with the shower over, my mom loaded me back into the car in a semi-comatose state. To be sure, we were both exhausted. Me, because, duh, and her because she had chaperoned a dance the night before at the middle school where she works. Good times. We got home, ordered some pizza, and vegged out. I […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part One

Last Friday I left Fayetteville for my baby shower weekend in Memphis. So as not to attract too much attention to my very pregnant belly, I clad myself in billowy scarves and jackets and – hurrah! – no one commented on my state at the airport. Honestly, I don’t think I fooled anyone, and you’ll […]

The Four Loves

So, for Valentines Day, I had planned on telling you how to make a Red Waldorf cake. This one, in fact: I made it yesterday afternoon and B and I tried it after dinner. He didn’t say so because he’s just that nice, but I have to admit that it just wasn’t good. It was […]

Why Horses Scare Me

On our first date, B decided the best way to romance me would be to take me out for Mexican food and rent The Ring, which I had never seen. He was correct in thinking that Mexican food was a sure way to my heart. He ordered the special, some peanut paste/ chocolate chicken concoction […]

Beer + Nerdy Girl = Me at Eleven

Everyone has a go-to story. It’s usually from when they were in school and involves illicit substances, the police, or awkward dealings with the opposite sex. All of these are the makings of good barroom tales. Here’s mine. It’s the one about how my mom packed a beer in my school lunch when I was […]

2011: How did we do all that?

January: Happy New Year to us! One of our favorite celebration spots in Seoul was a bar called Shiva Pub, a tiny Himalayan-themed pub run by an awesomely crazy lady named Sunny who was bound to be as inebriated as us by the time we left in the wee small hours. February: In Korea, most […]

Introducing: Dung Chim

Being a little kid is the absolute best (and sometimes, worst) thing possible. Yeah, you don’t have a lot of control over your life, but that frees you up to unabashedly explore all the weirdness you’re surrounded by without being self-conscious about it. You can watch your Barbie video four times in a row, loving […]

Baptism by Spit Up

I feel like there are a few must-address subjects when blogging about pregnancy. The first few are from the first trimester and tend to focus on how your body is turning on you and there’s nothing you can do about it. First, morning sickness, joy of all joys. Check. Next, gaining weight. Gotta love that fatty […]