I Defer to a Wise Bear

One of the most original and wondrous blogs out here in WordPress Land is Liquorstore Bear. I think it’s pretty evident that when you combine a teddy bear with wine, liquor, and beer recommendations, you’ve tapped into an irresistible corner of the psyche that eluded even Freud and Jung.

My Hero

I have had Miss Bebe for 32 weeks now, which means that for 32 weeks I have had nary a drink unless you count communion wine. (And I don’t count it.) This has made me appreciate and love Liquorstore Bear even more because he continues to frolic in the climes of luscious libations.

Our friend the Liquorstore Bear has today posted a pensive, thoughtful piece on pregnancy and drinking. Comes to show that the most adorable and cuddly among us have thoughts on important adult topics. I highly, highly recommend it and hope you take a gander.


  1. *blush*
    so glad you liked it :)

    1. You can do no wrong.

      1. I agree, on both counts!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I am also 32 weeks and have had the occasional drink *yikes*!
    It’s a personal decision, I know, but from everything I’ve read and my own scientific bent, I feel comfortable with an every now and then glass of wine or maybe a beer.
    I have to confess I haven’t had any hard liquor (aside from a quick sip of my husband’s vodka tonic). This really makes no health sense. Alcohol is alcohol and quantities are firm across the board with the proper standard units (glass of wine, shot of booze, bottle of beer). People have this dippy notion about wine being healthy because of some dumb shit Dr. Oz says or something, but that doesn’t mean it’s not alcohol, nor that other forms of alcohol may not have the same health benefits (if we’re talking about alcohol and not resveratrol, but blah, blah, blah).
    It’s really more about taste and your body’s metabolism during pregnancy that will tell you want you’re desiring.
    I’m sure you’ve felt all kinds of changes, as have I, and some things don’t appeal to me as much as they did before I had the womb raider implanted. I attribute this to cavemen instinct and avoidance of anything that may be harmful in large doses.
    Or maybe it’s just because I have never been known to have one vodka drink in an evening. Or day. Or happy hour. Ever. So it’s best not to tease momma right now.
    Plus I’m so fucking tired that by the time I make it through my dinner glass of red I’m zonked out on the couch like a walrus. And I’m way not as good as my father at balancing a half full wine glass on my lap in my hand while unconscious.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m looking forward to *finally* celebrating the baby’s arrival with a toast with my husband. It is long-awaited, just like the baby :)

  3. The Liquorstore Bear rocks!

    1. He does indeed!

  4. I had a couple of glasses of wine during my last trimester to “relax” and let my body finally feel ready to induce labor. I don’t know if it worked, but it was nice. And I might’ve had a beer or two during my babymoon because my body finally didn’t want to barf all the time. I say it doesn’t hurt from time to time (but not booze!) as long as it doesn’t lead to drunk-mama. Your body will tell you what is ok and what isn’t.

    1. I tend to agree. Anything in moderation is OK, and there’s really no substantial evidence that proves that having one beer or one glass of wine late in the pregnancy is going to give your child a birth defect. People just like to judge pregnant women, and this is just another opportunity for them to do it.

  5. I did gander. Thanks for the link. I got told by a stranger (actually a strange waitress) that I could not have wine before I even asked for it. This was many years ago, but I still want to kick her in the ass.

    1. Was this in Illinois? It’s now technically against the law for servers to refuse serving someone who appears to be pregnant. When I was waiting tables in Evanston and went through TIPS alcohol serving training, I learned that denying someone the right to consume alcohol and basing that decision on her appearing pregnant is a MAJOR no-no. Not only is it bad for business, but she could easily sue your establishment.

  6. Your Teddy Bear photo is beautiful!!

    1. I can’t take credit! It is from Liquorstore Bear’s very own blog! ;)

      1. I know what you mean. On mine there is The New Flora Macdonbald posting a lot of very feisty opinions about Scottish Nationalism! How can I take the credit?!

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