The Other Side: Notes on the Third Month

So, maybe I’m a little late on the third month post since Miss C turned thirteen weeks last Saturday. But ever since we took our show on the road last week, it’s been a bit hard to keep up with her growth on the ol’ blog. This is humorous to me because of the proliferation of grandmothers in her life since we’ve been traveling, first in Florida with B’s mom Sidney and now in Memphis with my mom AND Sidney. I had planned on blogging nearly every day of this vacation, but the best-laid plans of mice and men… Oh, you know.

I realized a few days ago that I’ve reached the stage of her life as a baby and mine as a mom where I’m not too keen on putting her down or handing her off to others. I’m beginning to feel like I can handle her best, which isn’t always right, especially when I’m exhausted and therefore really should just hand her off so I can rest. But as soon as we get back to North Carolina, this really won’t be a “problem” for me anymore since we have no family there. I really should savor the opportunity to let others love on her.

The other day I was looking at a video of her when she was one day old. Who was that little baby? She moved in slow motion, making strange circles with her mouth and squealing like a kitten. We could swaddle her easily in the smallest receiving blankets we had and they’d stay put on her all through the night. Now, she’s a person, not just a prop in our parental pantomime. She’s what you think of when you think of a baby. She giggles, she holds her neck up, she babbles, she is fascinated with the world around her and interacts with her toys. She is trying SO HARD to roll over, and I expect that she’ll do it in a few days. Sometimes it seems like her body is in close connection with my mind because the moment I start to wonder when she’ll acquire a new skill, she’ll start displaying it.

Miss C loves faces so yesterday when we had a bona fide southern Sip N’ See at my mom’s – complete with cucumber sandwiches and raspberry ice tea – she was in heaven, looking at everyone with 100 times more fascination than they could have possibly had for her. She’s a very interactive person and is happiest when a moment of non-gassiness coincides with a moment of face time with me or B. I thought she wouldn’t make it through such a busy day full of people coming in and out of the house. She had her moments of fussiness and was certainly exhausted by the end of the day, but all in all she made it through like a trooper.

And that’s the running theme in her life right now: whenever I think some activity will be too much for her, she always proves me wrong. At some point her life became regularized through no effort of mine or B’s. She just transformed herself into a non-chaotic little being. The hugely long drive from NC to FL to TN was difficult but manageable. The Sip ‘N See was fine. She sat beautifully for her first-ever professional photos, although this was also due to the patience and talent of the photographer. Our old, dear friend Melissa came over the other day and took pictures for her for nearly three hours. I had dreaded the shoot because I had no idea how Miss C would do being dressed and undressed and finagled into poses for hours on hours, but she did wonderful. She’s in the zone in her life right now where we can rely on her to behave like a human, for lack of better words. Here’s a little sample of that wondrous day:

When Melissa posted this sample picture on Facebook from the shoot, I teared up. No, I cried. This is my baby. MY BABY. I could explode with love. She’s my angel.

Everyone tells you they grow up too quickly. I wish I could add to this idea in a new and original way, but I can’t. Everyone is right. Every instant with her is new and beautiful. I’m just drunk with adoration for this girl.


  1. bellissimom · · Reply

    You should be drunk with adoration. She is a gorgeous girl!

    1. Thank you. I’m not gonna argue ;)

  2. awesome line: not just a prop in our parental pantomime.

    1. It’s so true! At the beginning it’s like you’re just playing at being a mom, and then one day it’s real.

  3. She is BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thank you! I am beyond enamored. I have SO become that mother. It’s weird.

  4. So beautiful! I am happy for you!

    1. Thanks! We both have a lot of happiness in our lives right now ;)

  5. Oh good Lord!! She’s a beauty!! She looks like a little mint julep in her green. I’m feeling your mother love in a big way! I think you’re in the zone, too! haha!

    1. I got choked up several times while writing this post. That mother love is overwhelming but great!

  6. most beautiful baby ever.

    1. Thanks…I’m not going to argue, but of course I’m biased.

  7. That photo wins the internet.

    1. Best. Comment. Ever. Such a sweet thing to say! Thank you!

  8. Daisy · · Reply

    She’s so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for saying so! We made a lovely child! This picture matches her sweet disposition very well.

  9. clownonfire · · Reply

    No words. In a [very] good way.
    Le Clown

    1. Oh thank you, Le Clown! You are so kind when you want to be *wink* ;)

  10. that is such a gorgeous picture of a beautiful baby! i have four wonderful children and i never feel i have enough pictures of them i am running out of wall space though :) but take as many as you can, constantly, because as you have rightly known it all goes so quickly , have a super fab day you and baby both :) xx

    1. Thank you, Kizzylee! I totally know the feeling that we can never take enough pictures. The other day, I took like 15 pictures of the back of her head just so I can have its sweetness documented. Ridiculous. We really need to get an external hard drive to hold the thousands of pictures we have of her.

  11. What a great picture of her!

    1. Thank you! Our friend Melissa who took it is a very gifted photographer. When we get back all the proofs from her shoot with C I am planning to do a full post on her.

  12. Emma Semple · · Reply

    I’m the same with handing my daughter off. I hate it! Giving her to other people is like giving away a little piece of myself. Breaks my heart. She’s 10 months and it hasn’t gone away. Miss C is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful big blue eyes.

    1. Thanks, Emma! It is so hard to hand them off. I just know I can provide her with exactly what she needs, or at least I want to believe that!

  13. Dude, that’s the first time I’ve won the Internet. Hooray! I should be finished with the pics this weekend and then they’ll be headed your way. She was the BEST–she has the most beautiful, expressive face! And you can see just how much she loves her mom and dad (and vice versa).

    Also, my mom commented that you look absolutely giddy and radiant, and I have to agree. Motherhood definitely agrees with you!

    1. You are just too, too kind to have done these photos for us. It was such an amazing experience! I already know of one person who wants you to shoot some photos for her (my mom’s friend Pam- I think you may have met her before) and I’m going to pass on your info to her. Love you!

  14. Congratulations. Holding a newborn in my arms for the first time still ranks as the single most memorable event of my life, the one that changed me the most.


    1. It is indeed wonderfully surreal to hold a newborn. New babies are kind of magical. There is a auspicious quality to just holding them.

  15. she-sus christ! are you kidding me with that baby? she’s like a gerber model! i mean, ridiculously cute and i do NOT love every baby. some of them look like gremlins, but yours is like a little, cherub, angel-baby. so awesome. much love, sm

    1. Thank you! I obvs think she’s pretty adorable but then of course I’m a tad bit biased. Melissa is an AMAZING photog too and captured the light perfectly and showed off C’s reddish hair, which we just can’t do with our camera. I highly recommend her!

  16. Um, was is an “accident” that you left out the part at the Sip n See when four of us old ladies all bowed and curtsied to Princess CeCe?

    1. Can you believe that that picture somehow did not get taken with my camera!? I am still waiting for someone to share it with me! I am dying to see it! :D

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