Just Because

Little girl, I love you so,

More than you will ever know.

Your back, your ear, your teeth, your nose

Every day, my heart just grows.

I know that there will come a day

When you’ll grow up and move away.

But right now, in your babyhood,

You’re still all mine and that is Good.



  1. Aw, now I’m all crying and shit.

    That is so amazingly beautiful, Emily. Just like C, just like you!

    1. Thanks! It just popped out (the poem and the baby.)

      1. Just like that? You mean all the mothers I have ever known have this conspiracy to make labor seem like a big deal, and really it’s that easy? I almost want to have a baby, after finding that out!

        1. You should read her birth story! I tell it over the course of two posts, but I think there was only like one paragraph of actual pushing. Yay for epidurals!

          1. I’ll have to find it in your archives. I don’t ever plan on having a baby, but if it happens, it’s going to be like epidural plus spinal block plus intra-muscular plus oral pain meds. I see no reason I should have to feel anything but delight.

            1. That is totally the way to do it.

  2. The love of your child(ren) is an amazing feeling. It’s unlike any other. Great work, Emily!

    1. My heart grew about 9,000 times when I had her, so I can’t imagine how big your heart must be, TD!

      1. It has a few stretch marks, to be sure.

  3. Awww. This almost feels like it could be good blackmail too when you get in your first fight with her when she’s in her teen years.

    1. I hope we can stave off our first fight for that long ;D

  4. i am sh*t at poetry. therefore, i looooove when people are good at is, as you are. looved, loooooved, this. and i love your musings on and about miss c. they’re so awesome. xo, sm

    1. Awww, thanks Moms. That was the first poem I’ve written since I was a teenager. It just kind of poured out.

  5. Sweet and beautiful… oh, the mother’s love!

    1. It is a sweet thing indeed. Thanks, Ren!

  6. I squee’d!!



    1. Thank you! She is pretty dang cute.

  7. And there you go making me cry…

    1. ;D Good tears, I hope.

      1. Oh yes. The tears that come from knowing the time is passing too quickly and the sweet little moments of our children will one day be only a memory.

  8. Look at that face! Nicely done, Emily. :)

    1. Thanks, Rach. She’s a grinner.

  9. She is a cutie! Hope you had fun writing that poem ’cause I had fun reading it. I am starting to feel like C is my Internet grandbaby. That’s the only kind of baby I want right now, so thanks!

    1. Well, I still do have an opening for a second Internet grandma for her! Lisa from A Gripping Life is one so you can be the other!

    1. Thank you, Meredith! She is pretty cute.

  10. Emily, I feel that way and my baby is 31 years old. :)

    1. It almost hurts! Now I know.

  11. I don’t normally like babies and kittens on blogs – but that is one cute little girl. Didn’t you do well?

    1. We really lucked out with her! I’m not usually this gooey, either. I had to double check myself a couple times after I pressed “publish” because this post is free of snark and sarcasm.

  12. Our babies need to hang out and start up their love connection. When are you moving here?

    1. Dude, you are telling me. Tell your boss I will bake him/her cookies every day if B gets an interview.

  13. I never tire of seeing and hearing about Miss C and your absolute love for her. Do you write letters to her so that when she’s 18 or 20, she will know all about how you felt, what was going on with you and your world as she was growing up? I always thought that be such a cool thing to do, but these poems you write for her, she will treasure, Em — just think when she pulls this one out before going to college or some other milestones in her life. She’ll know how much love she had around her, obviously from just being around you, but that you were the kind of Mom that had so much love for her, you just had to write it down — you had that much love! Lucky little Miss C.

    1. We are totally on the same page! I wrote her a letter at Christmas and I plan on doing an annual Christmas letter each year until she’s 18 when I will finally give them all to her. It was amazing writing it because I didn’t have to adopt the baby voice that I usually use when I’m talking to her.

  14. The anxious parent poem

    My wife and I pace around and we fuss

    As we sit at our home at 40 weeks plus

    Why can’t our damn child leave her uterus!

    Hmm… obviously, I suck at poetry. Your poetry is beautiful and so is your daughter!

    1. I love it!!!!! And my reply:

      My best advice to you, good man,
      Is to get some sleep while you still can.

      Here’s hoping your little one makes an appearance soon!

  15. Adorbs. Baby poems are my Achilles’ heel.

    1. The one you wrote awhile back made me a mess too. All poems should be about babies! ;D

  16. Oww the poem is cute but the little one is just too precious.

    1. Thanks! She is an awesome baby. We really lucked out.

  17. Awww mommy love. This is so cute. She’ll love this when she’s older. What a little cutie.

    1. Thanks! Right after I wrote this I found her trying to get in the toilet. The fun never ends.

      1. You should write a poem about the toilet adventures next!

  18. How can anyone resist that face! Love the mommy poem. It just seems to spill out of you, Emily. It’s such a sweet love… :)

    1. It is the best love I have ever experienced! I mean, I wrote a poem about her. Ultimate sacrifice ;D

  19. You’re mocking my inability to be pregnant, aren’t you!? SEXIST!

    When my baby comes, this will probably be my poem:

    You made my wife hate me for 9 months, and she blames me for you

    You poop your own body-weight six times a day, and that defies all science and logic

    Are your hands really THAT tasty?

    How did the poop get outside your diaper?

    1. That poop is very sneaky. It always finds its way out. It’s way fun.

      1. Unless she ate raisins……..

  20. This is nice to read, especially on a night when I lost my temper with my own daughter.

    1. I’m glad that you got a boost from it ;D Full disclosure: right after I wrote this, I found her playing with the toilet. There’s reality for you.

      1. That seems about right. Humans have been on this planet for a long time, and yet we still seem to have no clue as to how the mind of a child works.

        1. It doesn’t help that I’m already quite dense!

  21. you need a spoiler alert sos people don’t read this with makeup on.

    1. I know. I kept waiting for the punchline when I was writing it, but it never came. Sugar sweetness.

  22. Well that lovely poem redefines the meaning of “Baby Love” — which I normally associate with the Supremes.

  23. All for the love of a dear little girl. Beautiful ~~

    1. She is so dear. I can’t wait for you to see her again!

  24. You have an adorable, precious muse!

    1. She is such an interesting little darling. These days all I want to do is watch her explore.

  25. Ah. Baby love. So sweet!

    1. It breaks my heart that she’s growing so fast!

  26. She has your nose, but not your teeth. HF

    1. Hehehe I hope she never gets my teeth. I had to wear braces for 2 years.

  27. I love this poem. She’s going to really enjoy going through your blog later when she’s older :)

    1. Thanks, Vy. I hope she does.

  28. Are you a proud mommy or what?

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