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You look as though you need a case of warm-fuzzies. I am here to remedy that.

I knew before we had Wee Cee that Sesame Street was soon going to make a¬†resurgence in our lives. But one can have worse problems, right? So come to find out that every single episode these days has celebrity spots. Celebrities were a common¬†occurrence back in the day as well, but back then they were […]

A blogroll. Sorta.

I don’t have a proper blogroll. It’s not for lack of trying. I have sat down at least three times and tried to compile one, and once the list reaches more than thirty blogs, I give up. If the dang thing is so long, no one will actually take the trouble to go through it […]

Super Awesome One Year Extravaganza!

Last August, I published my first post to The Waiting. Want to be the first person to read it? You still have time. At that time, only two people other than me knew of the impending Miss C so I needed a room to tell my secrets to, Brian Wilson-style. A lot has happened in […]

On Good Writing

A couple or so months ago, I read a post by a blogger who had just come off of being Freshly Pressed. She talked about how everyone has a piece of writing that they’re proud of but just didn’t get any attention. She then invited her readers to introduce themselves in the comments, give an […]

Gym Types

One of the big incentives I have for going to the gym is to observe the wildlife there. I have collected some data about the people I am likely to see, and today I will present my findings. 1. Pacers You can mostly find these people around the weightlifting area. They lift about 500 pounds […]

Snapshots of Chicago

Today I miss Chicago. I miss my apartment in Rogers Park at the corner of Sheridan and Pratt. The walls in the hallways of the building were purple and one time there was a guy passed out in the hallway in front of my door. I got mad at B who left first that morning […]

What the What?!

I changed my URL! So as not to upset the feisty internet gods too much, the change is kinda small. We are still at WordPress, as we love WordPress. I am a decent enough writer, but I am by no means technologically-savvy, so the jury’s still out on whether all my dear followers moved with […]

Originally posted on The Waiting:
I am my father’s daughter, and it’s one of my most honored distinctions. It is utterly insane to me that I only knew him for two-thirds of my life. He passed away extremely unexpectedly in July, 2001 when I was nineteen and my brother was fifteen. He had been on…

In Heaven

We remember a lot more of our early childhoods than we give ourselves credit for. When my mom was here meeting Miss C awhile back, she asked me what my first memory was, and I immediately thought of my brother’s birth when I was 3 1/2 and how he “gave” me a Barbie and a […]

Miss C Emulates Gregor Samsa

Last night I had a bad dream. The sad thing about it is that I know that it will eventually be real. In my dream I awoke like I do most mornings around 5:30 or 6 and went to the baby. In my dream, though, she wasn’t a little lump swaddled and sweetly sleeping in […]