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The First Night

“Well, this can’t possibly be a good idea.” One AM, lying next to my husband who had likely fallen asleep ten minutes before he actually hit the pillow, in a kimchi-flavored bed. The “love motel” where we had been put up for the week had mystified us from the moment the cabbie had dropped us […]

Another Korean Anecdote and a Datevitation Giveaway!

I like the things. I like the pretty things that are made by hand or bought at the store or are cheap or are expensive. Things are nice. I like to amass them and touch them and get all Gollum-y with them. But then I forget about the things. When we lived in Korea, we […]

The Korean T-Shirts You’ve Heard So Much About

ME: I should blog more about Korea. I mean, come on, that stuff is gold. B: Yeah. There are hardly any blogs about expats teaching English in Korea. No one does that. You would really have the corner market on it. ME: Hey, now. B: Just don’t be all like, “ZOMG you guys!!!! Look at […]

That Time I Got Acupuncture in Korea

We had three months left in our contract in Korea when I checked out. An end in sight to our two year stint gave me acute senioritis, hating everything distinct to the culture but also all the things that really weren’t. Kimchi and sidewalks both had to go. My body got into the spirit of […]

Happiness is a small rabibit in your heart.

If someone tells you that that they lived in Asia but didn’t have a few laughs over the proliferation of Engrish there, they are way too serious, and likely also lying. I loved being surrounded by Konglish when I lived in Korea. English deserves to be taken down a few pegs. Once I found this […]

Tales of the World: Get Naked

Awhile back, Maggie wrote a hilarious post about her experience at a Korean sauna in America. After I read her account, I realized that I’ve been holding out on y’all. I have defied one of the most basic principles of life for far too long: the law that says it’s virtually impossible to go to […]

Fan Mail

One of my favorite things about blogging is the comments that my readers leave. There is nothing better than getting feedback from people all over the globe who are reading my blog! It often takes me just as long to answer all the comments as it did to write the post they refer to. Today […]

If any of my former students read this post, they will be mortified.

For the past couple nights, B and I have been editing all the photos on our computer after Miss C is down for the night, so as to make room for the colossal influx of pictures that has occurred since she was born. This has forced us to go through all the film we took […]

It’s All Fun and Games Until a Juicy Walks into a Window

Today is your lucky day! I am too sleepy/busy to write a post that has an actual point to it, so I am resorting to a story that I’ve been saving for just such an occasion. I was tempted to tell it back when I was preggo, but I knew the day would eventually come […]

Notes on the 38th Week

Can I just gush for a sec? Thanks. I’M 38 1/2 WEEKS PREGNANT! I could have my Bebe in my arms by next week’s end! Or – gasp! – this week’s end! Or – faint! – the end of today! I think back to when I found out about my pregnancy last July and I […]