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Walking Mad Libs

I have a confession to make: the reason we decided to have a baby is so our lives can be a walking game of Mad Libs, which is possibly the best game ever. No, really. I will sacrifice myself to dirty diapers, $8,000 braces, and parent/teacher conferences if, every so often, my child just walks […]


I hate to be one of those people who starts out a post with an apology for my lack of posting and then lists a bunch of predictable reasons for my absence. But here goes: The Admittal: The last post I wrote was a week ago, and it was a recipe post. I have a […]

The Things You Miss

Sometimes I fear that this space is becoming a shrine to the places where I am not. When I’m not decrying Fayetteville, I’m planning for the Bebe and all that she’ll bring to my future. There’s nobility to that. Expectation, longing, and love. How could you resist meditating on a blessing, albeit mysterious and possibly […]


So, I wasn’t planning on posting today – I’m saving my big holiday post for Friday – but with the death of Kim Jong Il, I feel like I should say something. Right now, those old nerves I experienced when North Korea would raise a ruckus while I was living in the ROK are resurfacing. […]

On the Road Again?

So, awhile back I wrote about our urge to move back to Korea. B and I were missing it at the time and thinking about the risks and benefits of going back next year after Bebe is born. Well, we’re still thinking about it, still missing it, and still not loving where we’re living right […]

Introducing: Dung Chim

Being a little kid is the absolute best (and sometimes, worst) thing possible. Yeah, you don’t have a lot of control over your life, but that frees you up to unabashedly explore all the weirdness you’re surrounded by without being self-conscious about it. You can watch your Barbie video four times in a row, loving […]

A Tropical, Swine Flu-Free Halloween

So in late October a couple of years ago, we were living in Korea and spending our days hanging out with cute lil’ kiddies and attempting to teach them a little bit of English in the process. Around this time was the big swine flu scare. Enough kids were contracting the sometimes fatal disease that […]

To raise a baby abroad in Korea or not to raise a baby abroad in Korea

That is decidedly a very specific question. But it’s one that has been coming up a lot lately in our house. It’s no secret to friends and family that ever since B and I returned from Korea back in March we have been missing it a lot. Let me just get it out of the […]

Why Subway is Better Than American Healthcare

In the women’s health industry, pregnancy-based issues are considered especially great opportunities for subjective misery. In Fayetteville, the particularly irate¬†woman who is subject to these miseries comprises an individual squad known as Emily. This is her story. So yesterday we finally made the trip to the OB-GYN to see what exactly is going on. Do […]

Perfect Weekend

Friends. Beaches. Korean food. I wish many things for Bebe when (s)he arrives. Although my hopes for my baby are all based in what (s)he finds solace in, I can’t help but think that her life will surely be made better by good friends, trips to the beach, and joy of all joys, Korean food. […]