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How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part Three

Sunday night’s sleep was choppy, to say the least. My brother Trevor and I both went to sleep with the knowledge that our mom’s night was going to be a lot rougher than ours, though, what with her spending the night in the hospital. Monday morning we got ourselves together and headed over to the […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part Two

So, with the shower over, my mom loaded me back into the car in a semi-comatose state. To be sure, we were both exhausted. Me, because, duh, and her because she had¬†chaperoned a dance the night before at the middle school where she works. Good times.¬†We got home, ordered some pizza, and vegged out. I […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part One

Last Friday I left Fayetteville for my baby shower weekend in Memphis. So as not to attract too much attention to my very pregnant belly, I clad myself in billowy scarves and jackets and – hurrah! – no one commented on my state at the airport. Honestly, I don’t think I fooled anyone, and you’ll […]

Notes on the 32nd Week

There are lots of similarities between the first and third trimester. Barfing and nausea become your calling card. Your body aches in places it never ached before. I mean, my shoulders hurt. My shoulders! I’m waiting for my toenails to also jump ship. They’d find a way to punish me. Also, you’re exhausted through and […]

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Thirty-two weeks. Eight weeks (give or take) to go. It seems like only last week we went to Walgreens to purchase the EPT That Changed Everything so I’m really beginning to comprehend how relative time is to this whole baby-making undertaking. Bebe’s going to be here very soon, and after that, everything will change. As […]

I Defer to a Wise Bear

One of the most original and wondrous blogs out here in WordPress Land is Liquorstore Bear. I think it’s pretty evident that when you combine a teddy bear with wine, liquor, and beer recommendations, you’ve tapped into an irresistible corner of the psyche that eluded even Freud and Jung. I have had Miss Bebe for […]

So Touching

Bebe has been MASSIVELY active the past several days. She has been stretching out a lot, flailing her arms and kicking her little legs and generally being an octo-baby. She is very much making her presence known! It’s hard to ever feel lonely as long as my little gal is sending me reminders that she […]

Dear Snow

When you turn on the weather report, the newscaster almost always defaults to a positive sentiment when a warm-up is coming in the dead of winter. And this weekend we can expect some much milder temperatures of nearly 60 degrees! Get out there and enjoy it because we’ll be back down in the 40s at […]

Hi, Baby. This is me.

As a small birthday present to myself, I ordered Bebe’s baby book last week. Since her nursery is essentially just as bare as it was a week ago when I waxed poetic about the few things we have already stocked it with, I suppose I should have been buying something more “useful” for her and […]

A Grain of Bebe

It is indeed a strange day when I wake thoroughly rested and with few scary thoughts in my head. I’m not complaining, and the Beebs greatly appreciates my relative lack of stress, evidenced by her fervent free-for-all kicking. She’s a swimmer. A note on her kicking that I’ve been meaning to bring up for awhile: […]