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Sleep is not expendable.

A few days ago, Rara wrote this post about blogging in her sleep, and I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy over her proclivity to sleepwalk her way to her keyboard and pound out words. The only thing I do in my sleep is dream about going back to high school and riding […]

Ups and Downs

There is a middle school across the street from us, and each day after lunch lately I’ve been taking Cee over there to explore out back among the baseball fields, pine trees, and crumbling parking lot of this likely underfunded school. The peeling paint of the building entices Wee Cee’s toddler fingers, and while I […]

My (Graying) Roots

There are roughly 32,863,021 essays that have been written about the bodies we get stuck with after we have kids. Mine isn’t going to be any better and I’m likely not going to say anything that sheds light on the subject of why I think that as a mom I have to look a certain […]

Disingenuous Elmo

Disingenuous Elmo is not the opening act of the opening act of the opening act of MGMT at Coachella. It is the theme to much of my first year of parenthood. One of the real neat things I do when I get thrown into a situation in which I have no idea what I’m doing […]

The Other Side: A Final Note For the First Year

Dear Miss C, Hello, my girl. It’s been one heck of a year, eh? I will never forget the moment I awoke at 6:15 one year ago today and knew that you were coming. Just the day before I had been at Target doing some mundane shopping and thinking about how I still had to […]

Just Because

Little girl, I love you so, More than you will ever know. Your back, your ear, your teeth, your nose Every day, my heart just grows. I know that there will come a day When you’ll grow up and move away. But right now, in your babyhood, You’re still all mine and that is Good.

The Other Side: Notes on the Ninth Month

Even though we all know that 40 weeks actually equals ten months rather than nine (or at least those of us who have actually been pregnant know this, as that last month is probably the most miserable making us acutely aware of the passage of time), I can’t help but think that Miss C has […]

The Other Side: Notes on the Eighth Month

To the baby who will eventually read all these posts about her development over her first year: I’m sorry this is going to be a short summary of all the stuff you’ve been doing. You are currently napping in your swing*, and I have no idea how long your slumber will last. Writing about you […]

The Other Side: Notes on the Seventh Month

I am the parent of a seven month old child. This wallops me every time I think about it. Babies are a bigger deal than we give them credit for. Things we take for granted – feeding ourselves, our ability to put ourselves back to sleep when we wake in the middle of the night, […]

The Other Side: Notes on the Sixth Month

Six months and one day ago, I was still a pregnant lady who could (in theory) sleep as late as I wanted, go to bed when I wanted, take a shower in complete privacy, watch every single episode of Arrested Development in one sitting on a whim, and get more done in one day than […]