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Bullets In My Head

My energy level hit an all-time low today. And by “energy” level I also mean “motivation to do anything other than eat pudding out of old Cool-Whip containers, watch PBS, and feel sorry for myself” level. Ergo, rather than compile any cohesive thoughts, I just thought I’d hit you up bullet-point style with some random […]

Practical Considerations

Just to refresh everyone, I am pregnant. Very much so. I am constrained to remind everyone of this for two key reasons. One, this is a pregnancy blog and that nomenclature informs the majority of what we do over here. But as the maker of this baby and this blog I have a moral duty […]

Pregnancy: When Lunacy is Everywhere

The one piece of unsolicited advice I’ve gotten during my pregnancy that I actually appreciate and take stock in is to beware of unsolicited advice from strangers. I like to believe that the people – mainly women but I’ve gotten some gems from men too – who have¬†indiscriminately¬†doled out random, often ridiculous pearls of wisdom […]


I hate to be one of those people who starts out a post with an apology for my lack of posting and then lists a bunch of predictable reasons for my absence. But here goes: The Admittal: The last post I wrote was a week ago, and it was a recipe post. I have a […]

Om Nom Nom: Berry Sorbet

Lately it’s been hard for me to glean a lot of satisfaction from food because I simply have no room in my tum-tum for it. Bebe takes up prime real estate in my torso and makes it hard to keep a lot down, so my meals are basically limited to a few bites here and […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: I Promise This is the Final Installment

OK, so I realize that this whole chronicle of my trip to Memphis has gotten a little longer than we all hoped, but I can assure you that the slideshow is wrapping up and pretty soon I’ll be refreshing your drinks/ offering you a piece of strawberry shortcake/ allowing you to escape. Sleep did not […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part Three

Sunday night’s sleep was choppy, to say the least. My brother Trevor and I both went to sleep with the knowledge that our mom’s night was going to be a lot rougher than ours, though, what with her spending the night in the hospital. Monday morning we got ourselves together and headed over to the […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part One

Last Friday I left Fayetteville for my baby shower weekend in Memphis. So as not to attract too much attention to my very pregnant belly, I clad myself in billowy scarves and jackets and – hurrah! – no one commented on my state at the airport. Honestly, I don’t think I fooled anyone, and you’ll […]

Notes on the 32nd Week

There are lots of similarities between the first and third trimester. Barfing and nausea become your calling card. Your body aches in places it never ached before. I mean, my shoulders hurt. My shoulders! I’m waiting for my toenails to also jump ship. They’d find a way to punish me. Also, you’re exhausted through and […]

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Thirty-two weeks. Eight weeks (give or take) to go. It seems like only last week we went to Walgreens to purchase the EPT That Changed Everything so I’m really beginning to comprehend how relative time is to this whole baby-making undertaking. Bebe’s going to be here very soon, and after that, everything will change. As […]