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Waves of Awesome

This has been a great week, and not just because Florida decided to mind its manners and clear its skies once we got there. (Although I would like to give a big shoutout to the Sunshine State for living up to its name.) First, Dear Expletive Baby had her baby. Awesome #1. Then, Squatch from […]

Well, that was fun.

We made it to Sanibel Island! Here it is: And some more: Yay. Now we’re crossing our fingers and toes that this foul weather clears out, you know, before we leave later this week. But the real question I know y’all are all wondering about is, how did Miss C do on the drive? She. […]

Well, this should be fun.

B and I fancy ourselves travelers, whether or not we’re actually good at it. We’ve circled the globe, but our packing skills are still lacking. Last year was the most travel-packed year ever, with trips from Korea to France to Iceland to Memphis to northern California and finally to North Carolina, although that last leg […]

I’ll Keep Being Weird

There must be something good in the water in Austin, Texas. I say this because I just noticed that several of the blogs I love such as I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown and A Rich Full Life are based out of Austin. Indeed a cool town with some cool people. If you sleuthed around for about 20 seconds, you’d […]

March is for Art

Yesterday B and I went to the NC Triangle to drink some good coffee at Third Place, use up a Whole Foods giftcard (my, what a chore) and visit the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke. While we were wandering through the handful of galleries of the museum, it occurred to me that exactly one year […]

The Things You Miss

Sometimes I fear that this space is becoming a shrine to the places where I am not. When I’m not decrying Fayetteville, I’m planning for the Bebe and all that she’ll bring to my future. There’s nobility to that. Expectation, longing, and love. How could you resist meditating on a blessing, albeit mysterious and possibly […]

2011: How did we do all that?

January: Happy New Year to us! One of our favorite celebration spots in Seoul was a bar called Shiva Pub, a tiny Himalayan-themed pub run by an awesomely crazy lady named Sunny who was bound to be as inebriated as us by the time we left in the wee small hours. February: In Korea, most […]


So, I wasn’t planning on posting today – I’m saving my big holiday post for Friday – but with the death of Kim Jong Il, I feel like I should say something. Right now, those old nerves I experienced when North Korea would raise a ruckus while I was living in the ROK are resurfacing. […]

A Tropical, Swine Flu-Free Halloween

So in late October a couple of years ago, we were living in Korea and spending our days hanging out with cute lil’ kiddies and attempting to teach them a little bit of English in the process. Around this time was the big swine flu scare. Enough kids were contracting the sometimes fatal disease that […]

A very quick jaunt through the “best city in America”

Just to clarify, I didn’t use quotations in the title out of snarkiness or anything. So if you were hoping for a biting skewering of Raleigh, North Carolina, sorry. I’m going to be nice today. Last week, B and I realized that it was high time to take a little break from our Gopher Prairie-esque […]